Girl TV

There is nothing I love more than some really good (and by good I mean bad) girl TV. "The Bachelorette" "The Bachelor" "My Antonio" "Design Star" any Lifetime movie.

For the most part Timothy turns his nose up at my choices in TV, however, the other morning I was watching "Project Runway" on my DVR when he joined me on the sofa.

The following were serious commentary from my gun-toting-four-letter-word-spewing husband:

"I hate that purple."

"Oh, it's been out there before."

"You can't fake that shit."

"I bet they get rid of the prom dress."

"I don't like it."

"She's not creative at all."

I sat silently in stunned amusement, nodding my head in agreement with his very astute comments.


allicat said...


Project Runway is the best 'reality' tv out there - so glad he joined you. And LOVE his comments...

I'm so happy addiction boy is gone. He was tedious.

Oh - by the way - I finally caught a couple of episodes of Making Over America. Loved it - as you knew I would. I love those two Brits.

I can imagine you and I traveling around the country together offering up our style and decorating comments to the style-deprived.

Chris said...

Tim, LOL. I have no words for this!

Ashley Rae said...

LOL. Awesome.

I need to watch Project Runway...

call me said...


Erica said...

LOL, my favorite "Oh, it's been out there before." Tim apparently is very in the know of what has and hasn't been done in the world of fasion.