The Religion of Organization

In my previous post I mentioned a shopping trip to purchase organizational items for my laundry room. You see, Erica is a organizational wizard. She is my organization sensei. She also makes me feel very guilty about my messy spaces. She has been featured on Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy for her brilliance. Ya, she's hot shit.

After another tour through her laundry room, and hearing her offer me tidbits of her sage advice such as "always get rid of the ugly containers products come in," "only use white hangers," "your new containers should all match." I looked up at her shelves in awe of the laundry detergents and kitty litter in pretty Sterilite holders, and her beautiful chrome hooks holding mop & broom. I bowed my head in shame as I thought of my own laundry room filled with ugly kitty litter boxes and dusty garbage bags full of holiday crap in plain sight, cat food bags and a basket full of old grocery store bags! I was resolute to conquer it all.

My efforts thus far:

These shelves were filled with dust and ugly boxes, now they have beautiful contact paper (Erica's pattern) and Sterilite containers holding litter and cat food.

This is where I had stuffed dusty black garbage bags that hung down over the sides, now 3 chocolate wash tubs holding my holiday garlands and extension cords sit, looking very cute.

This was full of unorganized beach towels covered in cat fur, they were Fatness second favorite place to nap. Now 2 large tubs hold all the towels and no cat napping allowed. Sorry Fatty.

My favorite change, the litter box is cleverly hidden in a cupboard. This was Erica's idea, I know, duh. For 6 years the litter box was on the floor blocking me from opening the door to the garage all the way, very efficient.

Cute chocolate baskets hold all unsightly laundry items, the color also matches my 3 wash tubs.

Tim laughed at me for putting decorator items in the laundry room, these are things I had around the house, I think they look great and help repeat my color scheme.

Small touches:

New rug

Changed knobs to silver

New hook and bag holder (Erica's ideas)

Over the door hooks for hanging clothes to dry on "white" hangers

Cupboards with new shelf liner and clear holders. Dryer sheets in tupperware (Erica does)

Before: one messy tool drawer filled with scary dirty stuff.

After: beautiful clean organization...ahhh

Well one room down and several closets, cupboards and a garage to go. There is nothing that feels as good as a clean organized space. Thank you Caca for inspiring me.



Erica said...

It looks FABULOUS! I couldn't be prouder. I shall sleep better now that I know this project is finished.

When I come over on Sunday let's tackle some of your closets! I am giddy.

Amber W. said...

I'm totally inspired! Your laundry room looks great! I need to do this for several rooms in my place. Where to start...

call me said...

Michelle it looks amazing! And if you had chaos in your home think of how bad normal, un-neurotic people's homes look! We all need an Erica to wipe away the devistation.

allicat said...

This almost makes me wish I had a laundry room (as opposed to laundry closet) so I could organize and decorate it.

I do use somewhat matching containers to hold my washing supplies, etc. - but I just can't hold a candle to you inspirational ladies.

I bow down while lifting my arms..."I'm not worthy... I'm not worth...."

Chris said...

This makes my palms sweaty. I continue not to want you girls to even look my house's direction....

Michelle said...

We all do need an Erica, I would like her in my back pocket.

Lol Alli....

"Un-neurotic people" lol

Chris stop fighting it, most people would be thrilled...we are offering our services to you.

Paige said...

Do you an Erica charge a flat rate or hourly fee for consultation and assistance with amazing organization? I need each of you on my shoulder so I can get constant input and laugh when Michelle says things like "Erica is hot shit".

Ashley Rae said...

Oh my GOSH! This is incredible. It would take years and years and more years before the mess that is my house could come even close to being that organized.