I have fallen in love and their names are Samsung and DVR.

Behold the glory of my 1 month old 46" LED Samsung lover:

(It's the only thing Griffin has asked me to send him a picture of since he left for Germany..understandably)

I know I'm behind with technology, but this little invention called a DVR has changed my life! Not since the introduction of Mesquite Barbecued Baked Lays have I been in such awe. Touch of a button, record, FF, pause, pause LIVE TV! DVR where have you been all my life? I can't help it, I know my DVR is true and a prophet of God.

The DVR is making me watch things I normally would scoff at. "America's Got Talent" "So You Think You Can Dance" "Wipeout" "Regis and Kelly" it's controlling my usual sense of good taste. Its will is stronger than mine. Erica tried to knock some sense into me when I admitted to watching "America's Got Talent" I believe her exact words were "why are you watching that shit?"

I'm out of control and I don't care. It provides me with 80 usable hours of TV that I can watch without commercial interruption and on my timetable, I ask you, what is better than that? I kneel before it with my humble offerings of burning incense and virgins and ask it to never leave me.


allicat said...

Where did you find a virgin?

I am in awe of your glorious God. Truly, we live in miraculous times and you are among the chosen.

Recently, the magical powers of DVR were bestowed upon my television.... DVR and Direct TV have simplified my life.... no more waiting up late to watch Daily Show & Stephen Colbert if I decide I'm tired and want or need to go to bed.

Chris said...

Your TV is very FANCY and I need DVR very badly.

Hey, those kids that sang at the end of America's Got Talent the other night were phenomenal. And so were the lovers that twisted around one another in the ring suspended in the air.... but hey I don't watch that $hite, right.

Erica said...

lol lol

I also have a testimony of the DVR and Direct TV.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL. Best post I've read all week. I love it. I haven't given into DVR, quite yet. I keep wanting to, but it's just another thing I know I will get hooked on... Ugh. I may just give in to the powers that be, one day, and get myself some DVR.

I love your TV.

Susan said...

My DVR changed my life. I completely agree with you. And On Demand? Don't get me started! All I lack is the ginormous TV, which is why I'll be sending a moving truck around to your place tomorrow to pick it up. I know you won't mind...