My Idea of Heaven

I was scanning the Internet during work time I mean, my lunch hour, when I came across a photo that brought tears to my eyes, my fantasy. No, not a shirtless tanned Ryan Reynolds rubbing my neck and making me giggle with his witty quips, a kitchen full of cheetahs, beautiful speckled cheetahs.

Nothing would delight me more than to be fixing a sandwich with a cheetah standing on my counter and one lounging at my feet.


Of course they would sleep with me, see ya Tim.


...and then when the cheetahs grew tiresome, I would go out back and roll around with some baby tigers.


Until then, I still have Fatty.


Chris said...

This is too much, I would never leave my house, just lay about with the cheetahs all day.

Until they decided it was time to eat me. :(

allicat said...

I think there is no more beautiful animal than big cats - they are just so graceful and elegant.... I've always thought I'd like having a pet cheetah myself. Of course someone else would have to pick up after him.....

Ashley Rae said...

Aw, I love big kitties... they are so beautiful. And majestic.

Fatness will do just fine until then. :)