Utah I Love Thee

I loved my trip, except it was too short. I loved having my Caca all to myself. Here she is early in the morning right before I insisted she awake because I was awake. We both determined our beds had too many pillows, but for some reason we felt we needed to use them all.

Malia and Caca allowed me to tag along for a night of "Lady" or "moms" as Malia calls her, dinner at Brick Oven and much giggling until midnight. I think Lady licked my entire body before the night was over.

Caca insisted on me taking these hotel lobby shots of her.

Being Bella.

There is nothing better than a Mormon fam reunion. Best Food Ever. I made a pig of myself. My mother thought we were in the Alaskan wilderness, hence her pile of blankets.

A miracle occurred. Caca and I both hit a baseball with a bat and ran to a base. Here is Sween with said bat.

Mom waiting for her turn at bat.

All my nieces and nephews. Grandpa was looking down from heaven and smiling. Only one missing is Griffin, who is draining cysts in a German clinic.

This my friends is an exquisite cat, her name is Cosette and she requires no loud or sudden movements. Caca gently knelt by the side of the bed for this photo as I reverently took her picture.

My handsome nephews.

Sween contemplating the Plan of Salvation.

Good bye Utah.


Chris said...

LOL that pic of Sween was taken right before she turfed it and came screaming to me with a mouth full of dirt.

COSETTE. I must pet her. She is the softest cat ever.

Caca looks so happy in the lobby shots.

That pup is ridonkulous.

allicat said...

LOLOL.... I absolutely love how Erica insists on taking, being photographed in the most ridiculous and mundane things.

It's been forever since I've been to a family reunion... the last one I went to was pretty cool, but no great food, because we were all staying at a seaside hotel. We roasted hotdogs on the beach.

So do tell - what was the favorite dish of the event? Funeral potatoes? Potato salad? WAS THERE JELL-O????

Exquisite is the perfect word for that kitty.

Looks like a blast.

Erica said...

LOL to all.

First of all lobby pictures were taken against my will every morning!!

I had lots of fun with my mama and NO husbands.

I miss Cozette.

Michelle said...

Yes, I almost had to buy another memory card to hold all the pictures Erica insisted on me taking of herself.

There was an entire long table dedicated just to desserts. The caramel brownies were my favs. The other table was all salads...I liked the Frog-eye the best. I don't remember there being any Jello! Blasphemy.

Erica said...

Mom of course there was Jello, Jeri's famous Jello/Pretzel creation.

call me said...

Lol, I love that first pic of Erica asleep in bed.

That was such a fun trip, and LOL to Lady licking you head to toe, it's true.

Kristin said...

Erica, you have the Bella thing down just perfect.

The cat is exquisite.

Camille's pensive photo is great; I'm glad I didn't witness the face plant in the dirt.

I'm happy you had a fun trip. :)

Ashley Rae said...

Plan of salvation? lol..

The pictures are all Grade A quality. I love the posing.

You do have some handsome nephews.

And that is a beautiful feline.