Fatty's Grooming

It was with utter delight that I discovered a mobile pet grooming service van in my neighborhood one day. I asked them if they shave cats and they said "of course."

Taking Fatty to Petsmart has always been very taxing on him. Because 1. car rides are scary, 2. he has to be in a room with smelly dogs 3. they keep him for 3 hours.

Here is Jamie and Fatty. Jamie has a nice quiet van where Fatty gets one on one service.

Jamie carrying Fatness to her van.

Fatness was delighted that there were no dogs in the van.

She said he would be finished in 45 minutes. I loved Jamie.

45 minutes later a freshly shorn Fatts was delivered to my door. He was calm and refreshed, a far cry from the hysterical mewing cat I picked up at Petsmart.

He thanked Jamie for her gentle service and bid her "good day."

And then he delightedly took his place in the sun for his morning nap.


Erica said...

LOL I have been anxiously awaiting this post and it did not disappoint. FATS! You are spoiled and ridiculous.

Ashley Rae said...

That is so nice they have curbside grooming service!! Do you think they'd come shave Justin's mustache?...

Fatty is one spoiled beauty.

Chris said...

Fatty looks proud and handsome. I like that the lady doing it let you take her picture without any qualms.

Michelle said...

lol absolutely no qualms, she stayed afterwards and talked about all her pets too, she said fatty was "a very gentle kitty"

Ash, I'm sure you could find a service for Justin.

Kristin said...

What a wonderful service! I'm so happy they found Fatness and you! I want a curbside hair stylist van to come do my hair.

Allicat said...

I'm with Kristin - a curbside hairstylist would be fabulous!

Fatty is a well groomed king of his castle.

Allicat said...

Has Fatty's hair grown out? It's been a month with no updates!

Chris said...

As much as I love Fatty, we need some new material up in here.

Allicat said...

I'm going through blog withdrawals... what's going on in your world?