My Allicat has sent me three new headers! She also said I owed her three new posts.

The best news of the year is that Erica is pregnant. She invited Tim and I over for dinner one night and casually mentioned "do you see any new pictures on the family wall?" and for a heartbeat I let myself believe. My eyes landed on a framed picture of a blurry ultra sound with a small peanut. I dissolved into tears, meanwhile Tim was still looking at the family shelf, very confused. I wasted no time asking Zach if I could attend the ultra sound for the baby's gender...he said "yes."

Had a marvelous Mother's Day. My two amazing children surprised me with tickets to Mr. Shue's concert in July AND bought an extra one for Chris. Mr. Shuester himself sent along this picture with the tickets.

Our San Francisco trip was perfect, turning 50 not so perfect.

Mike spent 4 days with me! In between him trying to get some color into that New Jersey ghostly skin, there was a lot of giggling and cooking. He made us the most delicious cookies and guacamole. He was also dragged to a few family activities and never complained. He also surprised me with flowers for Mother's Day. I miss him.


The End.


Anonymous said...

LOL to Tim being confused. I am SO excited for Erica's little squishy to come! I told her that I had a dream about the new babe last night, AND it was a girl, had dark hair and was the tiniest thing I had ever seen.

Congrats on turning 50, the good news is you look half your age.


PS. love Mike.

Michelle said...

The most simple things can confuse Tim, lol. I also feel like she is having a squishy girl! I'm glad your dream confirmed it.

Every girl needs a gay friend or two.

Erica said...

I like the picture of your head emerging from the sunflowers.

Chris said...

Erica's news makes me happy inside and out.
I want a gay friend to give me enormous sunflowers.

Also Mr. Shue singing and dancing makes me giddy!!

Ashley Rae said...

Yay for E's squishy baby!! That is definitely some exciting news. She will be a fun mother :)

Beautiful flowers, beautiful Mr. Shue, and I hope I look even half as good as you when I'm 50.

Allicat said...

Oh - and did you notice I patterned the header after your new guest bedroom?

Allicat said...

YEAH! I figured if anything could get you blogging again it would be a new header.

Or a new grandbaby on the way... :)

Such exciting news and I'm really happy for you, and especially Erica and Zach.

I wish I could have been there to giggle with you and Mike. Our night of dancing at the Sun in SLC is still one of my favorite memories. The flowers are gorgeous.

Allicat said...

LOL... I'm sure it was the stairs, but Zach looks like a GIANT in that photo from San Fran...

Michelle said...

Those are the colors of my guest room! Nice. Zach was standing on a step, lol.

I would have loved for u to be with us, in fact, I told Mike he and I should fly to Seattle.....for a lot of giggling.

PA-lurker said...

What an honor to be included in this blog. And a big THANK YOU to Michelle, Tim, Mark, and Fatness for making it an awesome trip!

Kristin said...

I am so happy about Erica's news! I hope everything goes smoothly and joyfully for her.

What a delightful mother's day you had, and isn't is nice that Chris gets to benefit as well!

I want a fun friend like Mike. I don't have a pool him to lounge in though. Maybe I need one.

Allison said...

Hey, what happened to my comments?

Anonymous said...

Blogger had major problems a few days ago and comments got deleted!