Someone is a Genius

I was only half watching/ listening to the Today Show at work this morning when something stopped me mid type. The editor from Food & Wine Magazine was displaying her newest food trends, when she held up "Chip-Zel-Pop."

"It's a mixture of potato chips, pretzels, caramel, chocolate and popcorn" and that's when I strained my neck whipping it around to my monitor.

I give you the world's perfect menopausal snack:
I want 3 canisters immediately.


Chris said...

I will be ordering a case now, thank you very much. MAN.YUM.

Ashley Rae said...

Um....why the hell didn't someone come up with this marvelous concoction earlier? I must have some.

Allicat said...

This should be required as a "food storage" item in case of famine, flood, natural disaster - or menopause.

I'll take a case too.

Kristin said...

Wow. What a mixture. Sounds really tasty. I want some.