Guest Room

My sister is coming to visit in a few weeks which inspired me to make Griffin's stinky boy's room into a guest room. It also helped me convince Tim why we needed a new mattress for said guest room. I enlisted the help of my uber talented daughter Erica for a Saturday of shopping.

Here is the room before. Dark with sporadic unmatching bed linens. What you aren't seeing is the dresser from 1988, rock posters and smashed gum in the carpet.


First we moved everything out of the room which made the holes in the wall much more apparent. Erica began spackling and I went in search of the paint. We started retouching the walls when we realized we were using the wrong paint because we are geniuses. Erica said we should "just repaint the entire room" and I said "I don't want to." In the end I found another can of paint hidden in my garage and we repainted the entire room in 2 hours because Erica gets shit done.


We started our journey (I've been watching too much Bachelor) looking for an inspiration piece and fell in love with this pillow from TJ Maxx. Behind it, I found great European pillows with white texturey (not a word) shams from Macys. The light blue pillows were on sale for $8 each.


For orange and green we found these cute things at Home Goods, or as I like to call that store "The Peoria Temple."


Added a sprinkle of blues and one brass kitten.


I'm always a sucker for anything with white shiny lacquer paint.


Hanging drapes from the ceiling makes your wall and window look higher, or so says HGTV.


We fell in love with these gold flower hooks and flower plate, we bought these because Erica said "I needed depth in the room" because she is brilliant. The gold frame was mine as was the blue paper, gold is making a comeback! My entire house will be in vogue again.


Cute right?


The guest room is complete.



Erica said...

Yay! That was one busy Saturday. But fun. It looks great!

Thanks for using that pretty picture of me.

lol to Bachelor jounrey reference.

Allicat said...

It's beautiful! You are both genius.

Some day I shall be a guest in that room. I have forseen it.

And texturey should be a word.

Chris said...

It looks so pretttyyyy. I love the white flower pic and flower hooks so much. The color scheme is perfect.

Please redo my whole house you guys.

Anonymous said...

Your room looks amazing! And Erica's talents never cease to amaze me.

Love the gold flower depth hangers.


Kristin said...

That looks great! Bravo, ladies!

I love the brass kitten. :)

Ashley Rae said...

Wow! What a change. You guys are levels above me. In oh so many ways.

Michelle said...

Thanks everyone! I was amazed at how quickly we did it...a day.

Kathleen said...

Michelle, you and your daughter are amazing. I love your new room. I'm such a chicken when it comes to decorating,but you have inspired me.

Michelle said...

Thanks Kathleen.

Decorating is really about putting things that you love together in a room.

Don't be afraid, have fun!

Michelle said...

p.s. Allicat, the guest room awaits you. (Just not in the summer).

PA-lurker said...

Because I am a stupid male, I only gave you a precursory acknowledgement on the new guest room. Now that I am staying in the guest room, I am fully appreciating all of the beautiful aspects of its transformation.

The colorful centerpiece pillows drew my eye and set the stage for a magical sleep experience on the super-luxurious mattress. The wall and window were so high I could barely reach them. And I couldn't get over how deep the room is! Awesome job ladies!