Slow Mo Thursday

Here is a Slo Mo Maru just in time for a very slow Thursday. My posse and I have deemed Maru the "Perfect Cat." Please watch at least until the 1:13 mark, he never disappoints.


allicat said...

I LOVE him. I totally cracked up at your time stamp.

Maybe Kristin should get Felix and Figaro to watch some Maru videos to inspire them?

I'd love to see Fatness try to jump out of a box like that :)

Chris said...

FATTY LOVER. Why do kitties LOVE boxes so much??? Maru has perfect form..Alex and I enjoyed the bit at 1:13 a little too much. I can't wait to show this to my girlz.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL... he really is the perfect cat. Thank you for a great laugh on this Friday morning.

Kristin said...

Maru is wonderful.

Figaro loves boxes. Felix is afraid of them, it seems, but Figaro very much enjoys being in boxes, and under boxes and sometimes jumping over boxes.

Anonymous said...

Just thought you'd enjoy this:


--Burgess (a girl who reads your blog)

Michelle said...

Love that link,

thanks girl-who-reads-my-blog