She's almost 26

We had an early birthday celebration for one Mrs. Erica Young who will turn 26 on August 19 (that's August 19th Malia).

We began at Oregano's where we efficiently ate a wheel of pizza and a trough of salad and discussed Don Draper's moral trajectory.

Pegs and her belly sang her a few bars of "Happy Birthday"

From me she received stuff from Target.

Aunt Chris made her some very cute runners and won the prize for best card.


The Sween provided us with a fashion show of mainly leotards and kitten heels.


And Caca ate plenty of Texas Sheet Cake baked with loving hands by her Aunt Chris.

Happy Birthday sweet daughter. You are talented and beautiful and amaze me in so many ways, but what I love most about you is your sweetness. I'm so very lucky to be your Mom.



Kristin said...

Looks like a great early celebration! I want some of that Texas Sheet Cake, and I really want to see the inside of that card...

Have a great birthday on Thursday, Erica!

allicat said...

Happy birthday Erica. It's clear you bring a lot of joy to everyone around you.

I miss you girls. We really do need to get together for another weekend or week long retreat.

BTW, how come that round belly looks so cute on the Sween, but looks so unattractive on me? It just doesn't seem fair.

Erica said...

lol I like how I'm so involved in my cake I didn't even know you were taking a picture.

Erica said...

PS I hate all these pictures of me.

Ashley Rae said...

Happy early birthday!

Sween is just too cute for words.

Michelle said...

You are ridic.

Chris said...

Caca you ARE ridiculous. You always take an excellent picture and always hate them.

Sween's belly looks HUGE. She loves modelling for you (and anyone really).

The inside of the card said "so you might as well enjoy them" or something like that. :)

That was a fun day with you guys.