A Star is Not Reborn

This morning I was happily cruising through my favorite websites, thinking of my vacation that begins today and how I need to get my coffee brewing when I came across a picture that rattled every nerve in my body. What the hell is Jennifer-can't-act-Aniston doing pretending to be my beloved Barbra Streisand! This is like taking a dozen paper white roses and putting them in a vase of mud.

Barbra Streisand is the epitome of an iconic movie star, Jennifer Aniston is a pathetic no talent hack, that has done nothing but crappy romantic comedies. Oh wait she's good at making out with John Mayer and crying on Courtney Cox's shoulder over Brad Pitt leaving her shallow ass for the beautiful humanitarian Angie.

How dare Bazaar Magazine ruin their pages with this travesty. If you can stomach them, the rest of the photo shoot is here.


Ashley Rae said...

Sad, sad, sad, sick and wrong. All of it.

Chris said...

She has NO RIGHT doing that. Seriously Jennifer ANUStin must have the best agent ever to get her gigs like this that she has no place deserving. She continues to anger me with her farce of a career.

allicat said...

Don't let this ruin your vacation. Jennifer is simply not worth it.

If you could pick someone worthy of a Streisand homage - who would it be? (that could potentially pull it off)

Maybe Fatty needs to do an homage beauty shoot.... to whom would he page homage?

Erica said...

Jennifer has a new perfume out. Don't worry, I'll buy it for you.

Michelle said...

lol Anuston. Allicat I'm not sure who would be worthy? At least someone who can act/sing. Celine? Girl from Glee? (she has the nose) No one is worthy.

Fatty really should do a fashion shoot. He really admires Jon Hamm, he could wear a white shirt/tie and hold a tumbler of bourbon.

Malia said...

Lol I died at this post Michelle. I don't have that same dislike for JA, but I guess if Daughtry dress up as Elton John I'd have a bone to pick too.