...and God created Christina

My husband, my son-in-law and my brother-in-law speak for all men when they say "this is what a woman should look like." My brother-in-law Mike has been known to sprint across a room almost spraining an ankle to view a picture of her in one of my movie magazines. Erica says that Zach takes on an almost holy reverential stare while watching Christina prance across a room in "Mad Men." My husband would simply like to die of suffocation.

Many a kitchen discussion has began with "they can't be real" voiced by the women, followed with an almost shouting sweaty fervent "oh their REAL" from the men.

Men don't mind a little curve and some flesh. Behold Christina.




Malia said...

Oh my gosh, she's amazing! Why haven't I seen this woman before? As I scrolled through this post I was almost nauseated at how perfect she seemed to be, then I looked at her feet, and they are probably the only chubby things on her, squished in those shoes.

I feel better now.

Chris said...

hahaha Malia I thought the same thing about her feet, they look really uncomfortable.

I better not show these pictures to Mike, he will never recover. And I know he could care less about her feet or anything else other than the obvious.

allicat said...

I do not like her dress. There, I said it.

Zachary said...

Those things never cease to amaze me. And never cease to make Zach wide-eyed and silently respectful. I think they are real.

Don't love the dress either. She could use a stylist.

Zachary said...

lol oops that was me, Erica.

Kristin said...

I'm confused. What's the story with the little garter belt thingies on her skirt. I just don't understand fashion, apparently, because I'm not very impressed. At any of it.

Erica said...

I think maybe some readers are missing the point of Christina Hendricks fascination. It has nothing to do with her dress, her hair, or her shoes.

It is, quite obviously, her ginormous boobs.

I don't think Zach, Tim, or Mike have ever once noticed what she's wearing and probably have never even fully looked at her face.

Chris said...

I concur, Erica. I'll bet if you asked any (straight) man on the planet what color her eyes were they would have no idea. Her fashion is definitely not even in their peripheral vision, if at all.

Ashley Rae said...

Huge. Just huge. They can't be real.

And yes, I totally noticed the feet as well. They look like they're in pain.

Michelle said...

It's funny what we silly women notice and what men notice.

Any man mentioning her ugly feet or ugly dress would = gay.