I love you Russ

I don't know why I love epic period films so much but I do. This particular one--"Robin Hood"-- is starring Russell Crowe which makes it even more delish. Yes, this movie has all the qualities that I insist on in my period epics:

Good guy: Russ
Fair maiden: Cate Blanchett
Crazed bad guy with obligatory dark hair and beard.
CGI long shot of boats in harbor.
Russell whispering many of his lines.
Steam emanating from the ground.
Said fair maiden at first hating good guy then giving it up for good guy.
Horses running along beach.
Dirty hairy men wearing armour, adorned with sweat and grit.

I will expect nothing less from Russ than over the top speeches, mixed with a lot of frowning and heroic horse riding and crazy arrow slinging. Then after a hard day's work of making a fool out of the crazed bad guy he will return to feisty Cate who will fill him full of tender lovin and a lot of sweet metaphors. I can't wait!


allicat said...

I'm not sure any Robin Hood adventure can take the place of the Disney cartoon classic.... I love me that fox and the merry singing....

Chris said...

Allison I'll bet Russell Crowe can do some merry singing.

I wish I was with you on this one, sissy, but I've never been a fan of Russ. You enjoy, though. Tim will love it, too, for sure.

Malia said...

That looks so good!! I love movies like this myself, and Russell will be amazing per usual. We'll have to see this and discuss!

Erica said...

This reminds me of when we would watch First Knight, which has all of the requirements you have listed, with Richard Gere and we would rewind the part where he kisses Guinevere for the first time.

Ashley Rae said...

This looks awesome. I cannot wait to see it.