Things That Confound Me Part II

Why can't Americans embrace kritten love like the brilliant Japanese do.

Why did I wear my older sister's hand-me-down bridesmaid dresses to every prom I ever attended, and considered myself in the height of fashion?

Why does Tim pretend to hate "The Bachelor" but is front and center every Monday night, soaking in every minute, and making comments like "I don't like Ella, she has a big zit on the side of her face."

Why do co-workers say things like "wow, you sure look tired today" and think it isn't really saying "wow you sure look like a shit-storm today."

At what point in my life did I decide wearing granny underwear with the high waist-bands look good.

Why does Erica get talent, brains and long legs too.

Why does "Jersey Shore" even exist.

Why did my Mother ever think this hair-do was a good idea.


Erica said...

lol lol, that hair-do of yours is one of my absolute favorites.

You forgot to mention my jowl neck, current zitty chin, and Guttery nose.

Ashley Rae said...

The comment "you look so tired" has always bothered me. It really is just a less cruel way of saying that you look like shit.

Granny panties are so hot.

And whatever, Erica- I would give my left arm for legs like yours.

Chris said...

Shush Erica, when you are rail thin it trumps everything. Whatever!! with the zits and the nose.

Mom should have n.e.v.e.r. have been in charge of fashion or hairdo for her daughters. I think the only time she even gave my hair attention was when I cut all my bangs off.

Kristin said...

Hey, I thought you looked pretty hot in that dress. Almost as cool as Allison in the Gunny Sax dress, which I always dreamed of getting to wear but of course I never did. But I was only 11, so I didn't know much.

Malia said...

Lol to your old pictures, they're the best. And funny, that picture of you in high school looks like it was taken yesterday because you took a drink out of Tuck Everlasting's spring and have never aged a day in your life.

Did you do a "Things that confound me part 1"? Did I miss it?!

Michelle said...

I was always very jealous of Allison's Gunny Sax dress.

Mom trying to copy her head of Aquanetted hair onto my 9 year old head was essentially her sending me to social misfit hell. Did I mention I had to hide at recess because the kids were all making fun of me?

Malia you will need to visit my archives for Part I. LOL to "Tuck Everlasting"

allicat said...

What is Jersey Shore??? Apparently nothing I'd care to see :)

I loved the Gunne Sax dress too, but it didn't hold up worth beans with all that gauze.

Michelle, why not try that hairstyle now? : ) You can do a "then" and "now" post.

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PA-lurker said...

I love the "why" post.

As for Jersey Shore, I must mention that as someone living in New Jersey, these people are NOT from our state but rather come here for the beach experience. But it's frightening that they exist anywhere.