State of the Union

Weather update:
It has been raining for 40 days and 40 nights, well 5 days, but in Phoenix it might as well be 40. It. has. been. wonderful. Here is my backyard after 48 hours of rain.

Fatness update:
Fatness hasn't had one of his seizures in almost 3 years, except for today, when he had a horrible one this afternoon. Remember him in your prayers please.

Weight update:
I'm on schedule to continue gaining weight at the rate of 3 lbs a month. Will continue my diet of Hot Tamales and Pop Tarts, followed with a vending machine chaser. Legs still look like Vienna Sausages.

TV update:
Still pining for Jon Hamm, but looking forward to "Lost." Annoyed with Ping Pong on "Project Runway." Embarrassed to admit watching way too much of "Housewives of Orange County."

Obama update:
Still love him. Still hate Palin, Beck and Fox News in general.

Religion update:
Still enjoying Sunday's off and just another day to catch up on my DVR recordings.

Sweener update:
Still holding title of "Cutest 3 year old on the planet."

Tim update:
Continues to kick ass and hunt down illegal Mexicans.

2010 Goals update:
Start exercising: Nope
Improve my listening skills --not just nodding my head up & down: Nope
Read something other than US Magazine: Nope
Spend less time on Farmville: Nope
Spend less time on Restaurantville: Nope
Be less bitchy at work: Nope
Address my addiction to buying candles: Nope

Consider yourself completely briefed on my life.


Kristin said...

Sorry about Fatness. I'll sent him positive vibes.

Glorious Rain. What a rare treat.

Camille is so dang cute. She looks just like Chris.

Good job, Tim.

Yeay, Obama. He's doing a good job with the mess he was given.

And what is the deal with Farmville? Is THAT why you & Chris have slacked off on your blog?

And can anyone have too many candles?

Michelle said...

Well to be fair Chris hasn't updated since Dec. 16th 2009.

Farmville is so addictive I will need Methadone to recover.

allicat said...

I thought about you this week as I gardened a bit (between rain storms) and knew you'd be loving getting drenched in Arizona.

Poor fatness. Anoint him with catnip and give him a blessing.

I'm frustrated with Obama, but am wanting to slap most democrat senators/congressmen upside the head, and have the obstructive repugs shipped off to Guantanamo. Or Wasilla.

I hate all those stupid fb applications... In fact, I blocked Farmville entirely so none no posts about it show in my feed. I also blocked pillow fights, mafia wars, collect hearts, ihearts, and a dozen others. I still like the growing gifts application - and that's about it.

I've recently started using (still figuring out) Tweetdeck to view facebook entries so I can manage the flow of ridiculousness even more.

Chris, get off the farm and update your blog! : )

Michelle, do you have an iPhone?

Chris said...

LOLOL I love your brutal honesty. Because all your activities so resemble mine. I know I am a Restaurant/Farm addict and I need a 12 step program.

I will try and update my blog today about an amazing book I read (see, I do other stuff).

Poor Fatty! I wonder what made him relapse. I will put his name in the temple: "Fatness Hampton" shouldn't seem odd to anyone.

Malia said...

Lol vending machine chasers.

And Michelle I will slap you, your legs do not look like vienna sausages!! You're petite little body is bite size and delicious!

Ashley Rae said...

Very good update. The yard looks so happy and refreshed to have all that rain... how lovely for you.

Poor Fatness. I will send good energy and pray for him.

Can't wait to see lost. One more week...

Sweener is just the cutest little thing.

Go Tim.

Erica said...

This is one great update. Goals are overrated. Poor Fatness!

Erica said...

lol to malia's comment. and she's right mom you're itty bitty.

Michelle said...

Allicat I do not have an iphone but I want one really bad.

My legs are shaped like Vienna Sausages. The end.

I asked Tim to give Fatness a priesthood blessing with consecrated oil.