Things I Never Purchase

I'm flying to Salt Lake on February 13th where it will be freezing, so I took stock of my outerwear. I have one leather coat bought for me by an old boyfriend around 1992 and a thin leather jacket with loose buttons and a too small green windbreaker given to me by my niece, so it was with great fear and trepidation that I set out to Macy's to purchase a winter coat.

First I emailed my personal wardrobe consultant Erica who told me pea coats, the color red and plum are in style. Erica can't understand why shopping for clothes for me is like cleaning greasy tile grout, she with her size 2, 5'7" frame that she could hang a pillow case on, accessorize it and skip out to work looking put together. She has never dealt with 5 feet of curves, odd angled cellulite, a missing waist and where the tri-mirror is your mortal enemy.

Here is what I ended up with.

A beautiful 'red' wool coat by Anne Klein for $79.00, regular price $260.00. Ignore the eternal celestial room mirrors banking me.


I wasn't sure about this black and white light weight coat on sale for $22.00.


I sent the above pictures to Erica who gave her stamp of approval.

I hate shopping.


Erica said...

SO DANG CUTE! I am jealous of both of these. You have come a long way from trying on metallic suits with oriental frog clasps.

Ashley Rae said...

LOVE them. Pea coats are my favorite.

Chris said...

Those are adorable. Quit bitching about your body! You have always been cute and petite and always will. Try working with what I have. :( :(

Love those coats!!

Kristin said...

You just look cute in everything. It's very rude. Stop it. You're making the rest of us look bad.

Allicat said...

Totally agree with all the above. You're the petite version of Erica, so just stop it.

And why do they call them pea coats?

Michelle said...

I have no idea why they call them pea coats? I'm too lazy to Google it, does anyone know?

Oriental frog clasps rock.

Erica said...

The term "pea coat" originated from the Dutch or West Frisian word pijjekker, in which pij referred to the type of cloth used, which was called "Pilot cloth" , a coarse kind of twilled blue cloth with a nap on one side. The cloth was sometimes called P-cloth for the initial letter of the word and the garment made from it was called a p-jacket - later a pea coat.

Erica said...


Giles Fam said...

Super cute finds!