Movie Review: "The Young Victoria"

I love period movies, and luckily so does Tim, so it was with great satisfaction that it was Tim's suggestion we see this luscious movie yesterday.

It begins with her as a young child where she was basically sequestered from the world and was very lonely. Her mother was behind this over protection, even not letting her walk upstairs or downstairs alone, always holding the hand of an adult. She also made Victoria sleep in her bedroom with her. Consequently, this relationship is very strained and when she becomes queen doesn't have much to do with her mother.

When she turns 18 they begin to try to force her to sign a document, which essentially would have meant her giving up the throne, she wouldn't do it. She becomes queen when her Uncle dies.

It is a beautiful movie. Emily Blunt is as usual perfection. The movie's main focus is how she comes to marry her beloved Albert and their very sweet courtship. Her costumes are gorgeous, and of course the English countryside.

She was the longest reigning Monarch, living until 81 years.

Go see it!


Ashley Rae said...

Looks like a splendid movie. I love your description :)

Chris said...

It looks very pretty. I just heard yesterday she is engaged to John Krasinski??? I had no idea.

Erica said...

This looks good! I never turn down a queen movie.

allicat said...

Thank you for your splendid review. I'll probably wait til it comes out on dvd, but it will go to the top of my netflix list.

I'd love to have a reason to wear a gown like they did, just once :)