A Supernats kind of birthday

We met at Caca's for Chris' birthday celebration. Firsts things first was eating at Sweet Tomatoes, catching up on gossip, children, family, celebrity boyfriends and weight gain. Second, the opening of the presents.

FU Penguin given by Caca.

Halloween gifts which will be on display long before October.

She received a calendar of "Cats in Hats"-candle-wallet-watercolor print of fat orange cat-pumpkin sugar scrub-chocolates ... but her favorite gift of all was...

The Supernatural Boyz on her birthday cake!


Next, a trip to Target to purchase stuff to organize-clean-decorate my laundry room. This lasted almost 2 hours. It's all Caca's fault, her damn organized laundry room has haunted me and caused me to lose sleep.

Finally, some pics of my grandchild. Pegs. She was a naughty girl, she tried to bite and scratch her grandma.


Happy Birthday Chris!


Ashley Rae said...

lol- love the cake. I want one.

FU Penguin? Haha.

And you can never have too many adorable Halloween decorations.

allicat said...

Shouldn't that be a supercats kind of birthday? : )

Sounds like you guys had a blast - wish I could have been there....

or better yet....

that you were all here!

call me said...

Lol Pegs in the sunlight. She tried to bite and scratch you?! She is very uneasy around me too, even if I'm holding her the right way.

Chris you look amazing!

Chris said...

I wanted to just hold my cake and caress it. I just posted on lj about that cake, but seriously, it was amazing. And so are Michelle and Caca. They always pick out the best stuff for me.

Allison did you help Michelle pick out that cat picture she gave me? I LOVE LOVE it. It's hanging in my bedroom.

Malia, I ignore pictures of me like the plague--hopefully I won't look like a cow for much longer. Ugh. But thank you.

Thank again Michelle and Caca!!! Love yous guys.

Erica said...

Such a fun day! Sweet Tomatoes, cat calendars, cake and Target - is there anything better?

Pegs loves her squares of sunlight. Grandma picked her up by the nape of the neck from ther counter and dropped her on the floor; Pegs was having none of it and proceeded to attack. Bad krittens.

allicat said...

You look great, Chris.

And yes, I helped pick out the kitty watercolor. Actually I just took Michelle to the corner of a gallery where that local artist sells her paintings and she picked it out. I just love her work. She does a lot of cats, and also of botanicals - ferns, leaves, etc - in the most glorious colors.

Glad you like it!