Mucho es Projectos

I invited Zachito and Caca over for dinner and casually slipped in the idea of Zachito hanging my new bathroom lights that have been sitting in my garage for 2 years. If I were my sister Chris, I would have just hung them myself, but I'm not Chris. She hangs bathroom lights and ceiling fans.

One could say that Timothy isn't too good at any sort of house project (i.e. my toilet still sits broken), which is why I was very excited to hear Zach say "no problemo."

I couldn't wait for the ugly silver vanity lights to go away.

Our handymen.

Much much better


..and of course through it all, Fatness was there with helping paws.


allicat said...


I want some handymen to come work on my bathroom. Oh wait, I'm going to - I have a mold/water problem behind my toilet and they have to rip it all out.

Not quite the same as redecorating....

Chris said...

Allison, you can fix that AND redecorate!

Michelle, the lights look really nice. I can see Timothy helping, at least? Maybe he learned so he can do it next time. :)

Fatness was a good supervisor, I'm sure.

Ashley Rae said...

Aw, the lights look beautiful. I have so much re-decorating to do in my house... scratch that. I have so much DECORATING to do. Since there is nothing for me to "re-"...

But fist I want to win the lottery.

call me said...

The light looks great in your bathroom Michelle! Love it!