October=Cooler Weather=a less bitchy me.

First a shout out to Allison who created this very cute header. She is multi talented and artistically amazing.

October 1st meant only one thing to me, 30 days until All Hallows Eve, and it's time to get out the festive decorations and the 100+ temperatures were leaving. So 3 things actually.

I decorated my fireplace with, tin pumpkins, different candlesticks and my favorite witch. I usually put her on the piano, but wanted her closer to me. Last year I proudly proclaimed to Erica "I'm going to collect witches." Thus far, still just the one.

Behind my sofa in the family room.

I created this ghost using old pumpkin lights and a tall glass vase, isn't he spooky and very ghoulish?

Piano. Scary black crow, sparkly lanterns, metal spiders.

Dining room. Tim said this centerpiece "looked messy" I disagree.

Living room.

I painted my front door, and bought this urn. Is there anything cuter than a bright pink Geranium and Mr. Skeleton casting a shadow on my door?

I hope the rest of you have dusted off your Halloween decorations and proudly displayed them by now?


Ashley Rae said...

I want to come to your house just so that I *might* be able to be a little more creative if I'm surrounded by your amazing creativity. Adorable decorations. I love each and every one of them.

And no, that table is not messy at all.

allicat said...

You have such a gift for combining cute with classy. Love your holiday house.

I especially love your decorative objects in the leaf bowl....

You've inspired me to get my Halloween stuff out of the garage and put it up.

Chris said...

Yeah I got my stuff out...too many black cats, I think they need their own room/entire house now.

I love that ghost in the vase!!!! And I continue to love the skeleton on your front porch....and all your other decorations for that matter.

Erica said...

Very cute! Love the skeleton out front, and the freshly painted front door looks so good!

Kristin said...

Your decorations are so cute. I love the little alcove. Halloween is nearly as much fun to decorate for as Christmas. I have no decorations out this year because I just have to be packing them up anyway. So I enjoyedjavascript:void(0) seeing yours