Giggling in Seattle

I was very excited to fly to beautiful Seattle and leave the very obnoxiously hot Phoenix behind. I told Tim, I might not return until mid November.

It didn't take long after being picked up at the airport before Allicat and I were bursting into laughter, maybe 5 minutes.

My first morning in Seattle we visited a farmers market, which is very close to Alli's condo. It was full of fresh flowers and jewelry, bread, cookies, quilts and interesting shops. One in particular caught my eye called "Paws." Thankfully it was full of kritten stuff and the proprietor was a proud owner of 9 felines.

We took a walk along a river where my assignment was to find moss. Allison explained to me that she would mix said moss with buttermilk in a blender and then spread it on her rock wall to grow moss. I was happy to oblige. I was also told to act like a forest pixie and consume wild raspberries.

I have always wanted to visit a winery. We went to St. Michelle and signed up for the free 30 minute tour. The winery looked like a house that had been transported from France and the grounds were lush and green. I learned a lot about wine, like, grapes do not need a lot of rain because their leaves get too big and cover up the grapes which need sun.

There was a wine tasting segment afterwards. Allicat informed me that she didn't like wine, I don't either, but the last wine we tasted was a sweet dessert wine which we loved. I learned that wine can smell like green apples and grapefruit.

While we were strolling the grounds I noticed a man in capri pants that I found to look ridiculous and disturbing. I instructed Allison to take his picture while pretending to take mine. (A ploy used by Erica and Malia).

Saturday morning we packed up the camera and tripod and drove to Snoqualmie Falls.

We carefully made our way down a treacherous rocky wall to take pictures of small fishies and better views.

Of course we went to Molbaks were I'm never more at home than among my blessed hydrangea and Halloween decorations. If I could, I would set up a tent and live in that store.

We ate at Machavelli's in the Capitol Hill area, where I had wonderful Italian food. We also enjoyed Panera Bread, Frost Donuts (Alli to do a post later), Mexican food, and Japanese food where I took this pic of Allison. We were equal opportunity food consumers.

Probably my favorite memory will be of our twinkly light, late night conversation which started out with the hanging of the lights, chilling our sweet wine, 70's music and camera tripod set up for 30 minutes. We laughed, cried and reminisced until the wee hours of the morning. We talked about the twists and turns our lives had taken, our loves and losses and how rare it is to have a friendship that has spanned 30 years.


Ashley Rae said...

The man in pri pants? Disturbing. Although it looks like he might have a suspicion that his picture was being taken....

Love the pictures and the narration. You two girls crack me up. The endless giggling is contageous.

I'll bet this trip was well deserved and much needed :)

Chris said...

I'll bet you a 100 bucks that dude was European or somewhere very close. And I think he was on to you girls. :)

The pictures are beautiful. Seattle is amazing. I'm glad you guys had that time together, sounds like you both needed it.

Don't you wish we could grow hydrangeas here--they are almost too pretty. Damn desert.

Erica said...

SO much fun! I'm so glad you two still get together. I am very jealous of that weather and scenery.

I am glad the capri pants were documented for our delight and disturbance.

hannyb said...

This made me think of my best friend and get all teary. 17 years and it's like a marriage, but with more shopping. :)

allicat said...

This reunion was VERY much needed and very much enjoyed. So glad Michelle was willing to make the journey out of the heat of hades.

Something I totally love about Michelle is that she will do pretty much anything I ask her to.... from posing as a piece of wavy art, to gathering moss or warily entering the forested area (always asking "are there snakes in here??) so I can get a picture of her as a forest nymph. It's fun.

The man in capri pants - he was standing sort of behind michelle as I set up the shot, but then he started walking away and I had to follow him with the camera to get his pic - so yes, I'm sure he was on to us LOLOL.....

Chris, I think you and Michelle should just pack up and move here! Grow hydrangeas to your hearts content. Erica, you can come too, of course :)