Rated F for Fatness & other Thursday ramblings

Fatness is getting furry again and it's not appreciated. I told him he would be getting a second shearing very soon and he told me to stuff it.


I'm obsessed with the 3rd season of MadMen. Don has never been more sexy and surly. I had to "Madmen" myself. Here I am sharing a martini with Don, draped in pearls, gloves and casually smoking; making sure my foot is turned at just the right angle, saying, "come hither Don."

My latest list of people I would like to stuff in an old VW van and push over the Grand Canyon are:

1. Miley Cyrus
2. Jon Gosselin
3. Spencer Pratt

My idea of perfection is a Diet Coke with lemon wedge, a unopened bag of Funyuns, tv tuned to Martha Stewart who is arranging a basket of hydrangeas, sitting around in pajamas with an array of fashion/pop magazines to peruse. Wait, that's my morning.



allicat said...

You and Fatness are exceedingly spoiled.

Can you grown an indoor hydrangea there??? You obviously need a hydrangea to baby and cuddle.

Of course you could always move here and be surrounded by them.....

Chris said...

Your Mad Men Michelle looks fabulous.

I found a recipe for the Paradise Bakery Lemon Zesters online and that made my eventful Thursday complete.

Wonder what would happen if we plugged in a picture of Fatness on the Mad Men site?

Ashley Rae said...

LOL... push over the Grand Canyon....

Fatness is just too handsome for words.

You look beautiful in pearls.

Erica said...

The thing is, I kind of like Miley Cyrus' new song "Party in the USA".

I know, I know. But there, I said it.

Michelle said...

Erica! no.