Photobomb part II

Hand photobomb.

Pei Wei photobomb.
08-20-2009 04;51;11PM

Sister photobomb.
08-20-2009 04;49;14PM

Friend photobomb.
christy photobomb

Griffin photobomb.
08-20-2009 04;50;13PM

Strange boy getting ready to serve a volleyball photobomb.
08-20-2009 04;52;07PM

Squirrel photobomb. Amazing.


Chris said...

Griff is a natural born photobomber (so in Alex, the little shite). I love these--I'm scared to go through all my pictures, I'm sure there will be zillions of PB's that I never noticed.

Lol, Jeri in that one.

call me said...

Sister photobomb, lol. And that squirrel is amazing!

Erica said...

lol lol. I am loving these. weekly feature?

Ashley Rae said...

Aw, that squirrel is so adorable.

These are awesome.

I need to dig up some old photos. I'm sure I can find one SOMEWHERE... I've been looking. Trust me.