Caturday Phantom

In case any of you might be confused, I'm a cat lover. Next door lives a blonde Persian with bright blue eyes and rarely seen. So it was with pure delight that when I awoke at 6 am to go outside and pick up the paper there she was, staring at me from underneath Tim's truck.

I carefully kneeled down and bid her come to me, which she did! So I ever so softly petted her fur and whispered how beautiful she was then backed away to run inside to retrieve my camera, praying the moment was not lost.

When I opened my front door there she stood.

I sat down and waited to see if she would allow me to pet her again. "Stupid human quit taking those photos they are hurting my eyes." I had upset her.

She rolled over on her belly but wouldn't allow me to touch her, for which I obeyed.

She sauntered off and said she "might like to munch on my hedge" if that would be ok.

I told her "whatever is mine is yours" and she nodded.

I asked for permission to approach her.

She told me I could only take pictures without my flash and to quit stalking her.

I turned it off and asked if she might just give me one more shot and to please look my way, she was very irritated but said "only one, then leave me."

I thanked her highness for her patience.

I bid her "adieu."


allicat said...

What a mystical and spiritual experience with the Persian princess. You're life is truly blessed.

Chris said...

That cat continues to be cloaked in mystery. I'm glad she allowed you to capture her etherealness on film.

hannyb said...

I found Tartraz via Design*Sponge, and I found First Seat First Row via Tartraz, and the cat-shaped spot in my heart just glows and glows!

hannyb said...

P.S. I would like to bathe her eyes.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL... love the commentary. Beautiful persian kitty.

Michelle said...

Just a note about her eyes, at first I thought they needed to be cleaned too, but upon closer inspection it's just coloring and the same around her nose.

call me said...

...she nodded, LOL.

These are like stills from a movie. I think your neighbor would be flattered to know that you had a photo shoot with their kitty.

Erica said...

LOL statue cat on the move! I scarce believe my eyes.

Speaking of eyes someone needs to clean out her highness' sleepers.

Erica said...

I retract my statement about her eyes and apologize, it is just her coloring apparently. I don't know how I could have doubted her cleanliness and beauty.

Michelle said...

Thank you for your retraction.

Anonymous said...

Are we certain shes a she?

hannyb said...

If she was to ever have a new nickname, I'd like if it was Sooty.

Kristin said...

"Only one, then leave me."

I can see that is exactly what she was saying. I'm happy she agreed to the brief photo shoot.

PA-lurker said...

Me thinks you may be from Persia.