I'm Obsessed

I can't stay away from his blog. I sometimes check it twice a day. I can't believe he is real. I consider him the perfect feline. His name is "Maru."

He is the cat that runs and slides into boxes in an unbelievably ridiculous way. He has perfect markings, at least what I consider perfect.

Overly fat tail. check
Fat short striped body. check
White paws. check
Cute squatty face. check
Highly curious. check

I have cat envy, oh yes, it's real. I will even type it out. I WISH FATNESS WAS MORE LIKE MARU.

First I give you perfection from Maru's Blog





Fatty's attempt.




back (he refused to pose for 'under')


Chris said...

LOL. I could see the hurt and envy in Fatness' eyes. Never compare your children to other people's. :D

Maru is a LOVERRRR and I need him for my pillow.

Kristin said...

What a darling cat! I love the blog header in the box.

Yes, Fatness is one of a kind and must not be compared to others.

Ashley Rae said...

Ok so I was totally planning on going to bed 30 minutes ago. But I have been mesmerized by Maru's adorable-ness. LOL... that video of him with the "mask" is my absolute favorite... I laughed so hard.

I can see why you're envious...

But no cat can compare to Fatness. lol

allicat said...

LOLOL... the "mask" (plastic bag on his/her head)is hysterical. That cat could amuse me for hours. I wish I could have a kitty......

Maru is adorable, but Fatness is magestic. He's far too 'cool' to wander around with a bag on his head.

Michelle said...

All of your favorable comments for Fatness have made me feel much better. He is currently sitting on my shoulder telling me what a traitor I am. Sorry Fats.