Mid-summer slump

My accu-rite is already reading 100 degrees and it's only 9:00 am, WTF.


I'm sick of reality TV too. (Bachelorette doesn't count, neither does So You Think You Can Dance). They have a new one "Dating In The Dark" how creepy it that. I hate hate hate summer TV.

My mid-summer slump unfortunately is not TV exclusive, poor Fatty has suffered. I haven't brushed him in 2 weeks and he's taken to following me around in the mornings with a plaintive low meowing that makes me feel guiltier than tithing settlement.

I tried contacting Michael Jackson's Dr. Murry to see if I could get some of that drug Propofol so I could sleep until the new Fall Season started. He wouldn't take my call, so until then I'm addicted to "Dexter" and anticipating "Mad Men," thank God for Jon Hamm.

I'm also anticipating our yearly vacation to Cedar City for the Shakespearean Festival. This year will be even better because Caca and Zachito will be riding the long journey with us. Hope the boys won't mind 7 hours of celebrity gossip conversation and topics like why "Step Up 2: The Streets" could never live up to the majesty of the original "Step Up."


The only other thing that has made me laugh heartily, was this: Palin’s Resignation: The Edited Version. Vanity Fair Magazine asked their copy editors to "edit" Sarah's horrific resignation speech.

Anyone else feeling the summer slump?


allicat said...

Poor Fatness. Break out the brush and give him some attention.

That marked up speech of Palin's was hysterical. Someone had to do it... too bad it wasn't done PRIOR to her giving it, though that would have denied us the laughs now.

Summer.... it's been lovely but I'm anticipating a slump this week when temps are predicted to hit the low 90s here in Seattle. I'll be in hiding.

I'm actually enjoying summer TV - I love that TNT, USA network, and SyFy have new episodes in the summer.

The Closer - Mondays on TNT
Design Star - on HGTV
In Plain Sight - USA
Law & Order:CSI - USA
Eureka - SyFy
Warehouse 13 - SyFy

AND coming in August....

Project Runway is finally back - now on Lifetime.
Psych on USA

Ashley Rae said...

I think they're going a bit too far with some of those reality TV shows. They're running out of creative thinkers. Dating in the dark? omg.

lol- guiltier than tithing settlement...

I'm actually just BARELY starting to enjoy summer. I've starting looking for reasons to take more days off and spend them with little miss K. We've gone swimming, to the park, up to the lake to go fishing... it's the winter I'm not looking forward to.

Chris said...

All of these items are very true. Mike and I actually watched Dating in the Dark, and yes, it is as stupid as it looks. Only one more episode of Bachelorette. I don't think she picks anyone. Ed is a big drunk with erectile dysfunction, lol.

I have been in bed with bronchitis the better part of a week, and that is really adding the allure of summer. Mom calls every day to check on me.

That picture of Caca is the best thing ever.

Erica said...

Yeah summer tv is sucking. I'm only watching Design Star and SYTYCD. Can't WAIT for project runway and mad men to begin!

That is a really, really beautiful picture of me.

Anonymous said...

lifetime has a new series called "Drop Dead Diva" its on Sunday @ 9:00pm. Its good, i like it.

EEK said...

Sorry, the feminist in me keeps coming out ... I like Sarah Palin. She is a successful leader, a working mom and she is not afraid to state her political or personal opinions. She doesn't have a teleprompter or a whole staff of writers. Agree with her or not, she is pretty fearless. She reminds me of a younger Nancy Pelosi.

I don't understand why Vanity Fair (a magazine that targets progressive women) is afraid of her. And editing the transcription of a press conference. Editors usually edit, like, real documents.

I hope Vanity Fair is listening to Robert Gates. He is the only man I know that says "uh" and "erg" more than W. His job is one job that really should be held by a woman! Men can't match our verbal skills.

Spank him again, Helen!

Michelle said...

When I first heard Sarah speak at the RNC I was impressed. But later when she cut loose from her handlers to answer reporters questions on her own was when I realized she was not ready to become VP of the United States. The woman couldn’t even answer Katie’s questions, one where she simply asked her what newspapers she read. Foreign issues were out of her league

She does seem like a fun person, good mother, I could see getting a Coke with her, but I don’t think she has what it takes to run for the presidency. I could never get in line behind someone who opposes same sex marriage, a woman’s right to abortion, or who wanted book censorship at the library. I would say theses are steps backwards for women’s rights not steps forward.

The woman does have moxie, and she is fearless, but these characteristics aren’t enough to run our country which is complex and far reaching. I could easily see her hosting a talk show or anchoring on Fox. Everyone is entitled to her own opinion, I just can’t stand the woman.