8 Years Ago Today.

I married Timothy Hampton.

He proposed to me at my work. My boss pretended that we were having a gathering and as I was standing there waiting, I looked up to see Tim walking down the hall carrying a dozen roses. What a loves, he even got down on one knee.

We got married at the courthouse then went to the Hilton for a lunch.

We stayed at the beautiful Royal Palms in Scottsdale. This is one of my favorite pictures of Tim, isn't he handsome?

We took our kids with us on our honeymoon. We rode together in a van to San Diego and Disneyland. I wouldn't recommend anyone taking their kids with them on their honeymoon.

Here is a typical picture of what our girls endured. The boys sat in the back playing video games and giggling the entire 7 hour trip.

Erica enjoyed making them pose for awkward pictures.

Look how happy they are.

I consider myself very lucky. I'm loved and taken care of. Timothy says I'm really just spoiled but we won't bother with semantics.

I told Tim that a few of those 8 years really count as 2, like any marriage we have had our share of rough spots. We never gave up though. A second marriage is a combination of melding a family and a whole lotta patience and not having your way.

Tim, thank you for being the type of husband that I respect and can lean on. You are loved and admired by a whole precinct full of cops and that counts for a lot. It's you that your kids always turn to for advice. You have the kindest heart and the gentlest of souls.

We were out to dinner a few nights ago, when you looked up at me with emotion in your eyes and said "the best decision I have ever made was marrying you." That meant everything to me.

I look forward to growing old with you and I love you more every day.


Kaylyn said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

I absolutely love the picture of Tim proposing to you! You are so lucky that you have something to remember that sweet moment.

Congratulations, and may the next 8 years be better than the last. Cheers!

Ashley Rae said...

That made me shed a tear. Congrats on 8 years! You both are so lucky to have each other. :)

call me said...

Tim is so sweet. I love love love that picture of Tim proposing to you!

call me said...

PS. I enlarged that picture of Tim proposing and there seems to be a woman in the background that is standing on top of her cubicle, just to get a shot of the action, lol.

Erica said...

A very sweet post. Happy Anniversary!

Chris said...

Any marriage that starts with taking your kids on your honeymoon can withstand anything. :)

May the next 8 be better than the last--and I'm sure they will.


allicat said...

This is very sweet. I'm happy you both feel you're so lucky. Now, if you'd just get that summer place up here in Seattle I could spend more time with both of you : )

Kathleen said...

Michelle, This is so touching, Oh that all women could be as fortunate as you, although I suspect it's because you are so special that Tim finds it easy to be a great husband.

Kristin said...

I'm a little late here, but still - Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you have a good thing there, but Tim definitely made an excellent choice. He's a lucky guy.