Looking forward to a week from today. Caca and I, sans husbands, will be flying up to the land of Zion where we will be attending a family reunion, which in my book equals nothing but hilarity and shenanigans. We have been asked to bring a side-dish and our own utensils.

We will also be seeing the Divine Malia Meadows Call, or Sister Call as I refer to her. She is the relief society prez and as so deserves our utmost respect. I look forward to hanging at her crib.

I was thinking today, as I looked into Fatness green wise eyes. Why do we make up so many names for our animals? This morning I called Fatness everything but "Fatness." He was referred to as:


And on many other days has been called:

Professor Smittens
Commander Drittens
Fatty McFatterson
Dumbass (Tim)

He answers to one and all. I'm sure Caca and Chris have many names for their krittens.

Happy Thursday losers.


craigthegrey said...

I assume you'll be taking some form of green jello...

allicat said...

So what Jell-O salad concoction will you be taking? :) LOL

Perhaps you could take a look at the Jello matrix in "No Man Knows My Pastries" to find just the right one. If I can locate my copy (which is here somewhere...) I'll look up family reunion for you.

Kittens are loves and cannot be contained by a single name. Of course they need one for each of their nine lives - as well as their multiple personalities : )

Kristin said...

I think Fatty McFatterson might be my favorite.

Allison, I want that book to contain more than just recipes because it sounds very funny. Do they have a green jello with cottage cheese mixed in?

Chris said...

"No Man Knows My Pastries" is one of the funniest books ever written. Period. I cannot find our copy and it angers me.

Oreo's names are so strange and convoluted I won't even list them. My kids even have certain sounds just for her--and she answers to them all.

Ashley Rae said...

Oh yes, family reunions. In Zion. That's awesome. I hope you have a blast.

Krittens? lol... I like all the various pet names.

call me said...

Lol, I demand to be called Sister Call at all times! We will tie quilts, drink caffene free diet coke, and discuss visiting teaching.

Lady's name has evolved, permit me to share my list, it went from

It's "Mama's Lady"
"Mama Lady"
"mom"-that's right, I call my dog mom.

Amber W. said...

So excited to see you guys in a week! And I think the multiple nicknames must run in the family. Do you know how many nicknames my family had for our pets growing up, and most had nothing to do with their actual name...

Erica said...

That picture of Tim and Fatness is ridiculous. I love all the Fatty names. Here are mine:

Peggy Sue
Saggy Belly
Saggy Bells
Get off the counter stupid cat

I get angry every time Malia refers to her dog as "mom" and it's also confusing.

Michelle said...

I believe Caca and I will make up a batch of green jello with tuna. I love that book! Is that where the term "Jello Belt" started?

Malia, I demand my Coke with extra caff. MOM for your dog. lol.

Notice the contentment Fatness exudes in the arms of Tim.

Amber we are excited to see you and Paige and all your offspring.