Pump Master 760

Pump Master 760 is no rapper, it's Tim's latest toy, a pellet gun bitches.


A pellet gun to kill pigeons. He picked up this little baby at Wal-Mart today and couldn't wait to get home for some target practice.

This is called "sighting in."


Proudly displaying his accuracy at 25 feet out.


Check it. 3 to the "ten-ring." Right to the heart in cop-talk.


Checking for pigeons. He told me he would wait until nightfall, then "kill the bastards."

(This might be the best pic ever taken. Tank top, cargo shorts, mandals)




Adios effers.


Chris said...

Oh man. LOLing very hard over this--the mandals add to the ferocity of the pigeon hunt. I love it. Zach, Alex and Mike would love to get their hands on the pumpmaster--is that name supposed to be phallic or what!?!

Please post about the actual hunt.

allicat said...

This promises to be a very manly episode in your household. Will he be using night vision goggles as well?

call me said...

LOL, that last picture of the 2 pigeons looking over the ledge is hilarious.

Kristin said...

See how the pigeons taunt you.
Surely they must die.

Erica said...

lol lol, this is the most riciculous Tim post you've ever done. And thank you for it.

Poor pigeons. Don't kill the cute fat quails or I will be very upset!

Michelle said...

I was forbade to post about the actual hunt. Appears it (might) be against the law...lol

Chris said...

ok, but was it successful after all that hubbub and posturing????

Yes, please don't shoot the fatty quail...cage them and bring them to my house.

Michelle said...

Yes. To quote Timothy "they were bagged and tagged."

Ashley Rae said...

lol... Mandals. Good to know those bastards were shot down.