Survey Says

I hate those Facebook surveys and shiz. So I came up with one of my own.

15 Things You Don't Want To Know About Me

I used to dress up like Madonna and make music videos in Guttery’s basement.

My high school boyfriend used to make us kneel and pray after making out.

Tim and I go out to the movies almost every weekend.

I had such a crush on Donny Osmond that I made my girlfriend tape a picture of him to her face and then I danced with her/him.

I passed out at the hospital watching a nurse insert an IV into my friend.

I hate grocery stores.

I sat my dog on top of a Xerox machine and made several copies of his ass and then hung the copies on a girl’s car because I didn’t like her.

Large bodies of water scare me.

It bothers Tim that my bra and panties are never the same color.

Watching people cook on TV relaxes me, except Rachel Ray.

Marie Osmond’s 2nd husband used to be one of my roommates. He made me an omelet.

Turning 50 is going to bug me.

I did a dine-n-dash once with my friends.

The older I get, the more funny skin discolorations I find.

I like the smell of gasoline and hair salons.


Chris said...

I knew every single one of these, so you'll have to try again with ones I don't know.

Well, maybe the dogbutt copies I've never heard.

I hate those FB surveys with a passion, thanks for this anti-survey.

And I love the fetching sidebar pic of you!

allicat said...

I also loathe those fb surveys... this is a refreshing change of pace.

There were several items on that list I didn't know - but none of them surprise me : ) Except I have no idea what a dine and dash is.....

If Tim wants your bra and panties to match, he should buy you some matching sets.

Michelle said...

Dine N Dash is when you eat and then leave without paying, Steve S. was my accomplice. I think we were in college.

call me said...

Totally agree with the cooking one, everyone relaxes me except for Rachel Ray, I feel like I'm watching a tornado that giggles every 5 seconds.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL!! I love that you xeroxed your dog's butt and put the picture on a girl's car. That is my most favorite thing I've heard all week.

Kristin said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing them. :)

Rachel Ray gets me all tensed up and stressed out. Too much perky, annoying energy. "YUMM-MO!"