Decoration Day

Nothing says "Memorial Day" like having an argument with you mother over the fact that you grew up thinking Memorial Day was called "Decoration Day" and meant nothing more than decorating old graves of relatives you didn't know. I asked my mom why it was never mentioned in our home that in fact Memorial Day was created after the Civil War to HONOR fallen MILITARY soldiers. She was basically "whatevs."

Memorial Day should always involve ice cream:

Tree climbing:

Baseball throwing:

And swimming:

We played a rousing game of "Catch Phrase" but split up the teams of boyz vs girlz. I had Tim and Zach on my team, and nearly leapt across the coffee table to strangle Tim who had the clue "Leave it to Beaver" and just kept yelling "weaver!" for which I naturally started thinking about "rug weavers, knitters, crocheters?" WTF. I like having Erica and Chris on my team.

How was your Memorial Day celebration?


Ashley Rae said...

Weaver?? LOL...

Yes, Memorial Day should definitely involve all of those magnificent things. Especially ice cream and swimming. My top 2 favorite things.

Mine was spent on an airplane for the first half of the day, then unpacking, and then going out to dinner with my fabulous mother.

Chris said...

LOL! Tim also said "1960's TV show" to give him a little credit. I would have been vexed to be on a Catch Phrase team alone without my homegirlzzzz trying to understand my spouse. :( :(

Sween!!! Those pics are a very accurate portrayal of how she runs the show.

call me said...

Lol, Weaver. I have to admit, I freeze in those games, in fact I believe I played with your family for Scott's bday once, and that was the most intense 40 seconds of my life.

Memorial Day was busy, filled with cleaning, organizing, and Ikea.

Michelle said...

Tim did NOT say 1960's tv show! He wouldn't never know what year that show filmed. All I heard was Weaver! shouted over and over.

Malia, you played "Nurtz" which is way more cut-throat. You are lucky you came out of that game with all your limbs.

Chris said...

Malia I almost went into labor during a game of Nertz with my family. People have had to go the ER before.

He did say "60's TV show". We heard him but you didn't, obviously. Just like I only heard half of the clues Mike was giving out. Our spouses get fixated on parts of their clue giving, and usually it's the part that is least helpful.

Erica said...

I noticed with the new teams, we were much more fuss. Everyone getting mad at their husbands. Maybe we should switch back to girlz vs. boyz.

I believe Malia played Charades with us. Unfortunately for her.

allicat said...

You guys need your own tv game show......

Kristin said...

I want to live by you guys. You have all the fun.