Movie Review

Tim and I watched "Elegy" yesterday. I was surprised at how well Penelope Cruz handled a very difficult role. She was amazing. I wasn't surprised at how well Ben Kingsley handled his role, he is a phenomenal actor.

This is a movie for grown ups. In the beginning I thought it would be just another film about an older man wooing a young girl. In this case, the brilliant instructor falling in love with his beautiful student, but it explores the relationship in a much deeper profound way, and in the end student teaches instructor a lesson about commitment.

I found myself warming up to the characters right away and caring about what happened to them, I like when this happens. Tim found himself very happy that he got to see Penelope's bare breasts several times and shot with bright lighting. She does have perfect breasts.

Has anyone seen the movie? I highly recommend it.


Chris said...

I haven't even heard of it. Penelope is a surprising good actress. If I tell Mike about the bare breasts parts, he will be camped out in the theater.

allicat said...

I've never heard of it either - time to add it to the list!

Erica said...

This looks interesting. And thank you for the boob information because that's the only way to get Zach to watch weird movies with me.