Momisms etc.

In honor of it being Malia's favorite thing, the latest Mom-isms.

(The following are usually shouted at the television.)

"I'm sick of naked girls on every station!"

"Meredith, stop talking and get on with the show!" (Millionaire)

"Regis is a panty-waist, he makes me sick."

In honor of Fatness, his most recent photo session.



I'm beginning to form an unhealthy infatuation with Gilles (pronounced Eeeels) Marini from Dancing With The Stars. Tune in tonight to see this majestic creature. You might remember him from the "Sex In The City" movie, in fact, you got to see a LOT of him in that movie.


Erica said...

I'll ask again what is "panty-waist"?? LOL. Thank you for Grandma H.

I really hate that I'm watching Dancing w/the Stars this season. And I also hate that I love Gilles. Yet I am powerless. Even Zach was impressed by his moves.

allicat said...

I so love the momisms. I just wish everyone could read them and actually hear her voice, because her voice is part of what makes them so spectacular.

Fatness is a god. He looks very majestic.

Gilles..... mmmmmmmmmmm........

I have not seen him in his dancing form, because I am addicted to NCIS and the yummy Mark Harmon, and the Mentalist. I'll channel flip during commercials tonight and see if I can catch him....

Chris said...

I noticed Gilles IMMEDIATELY. Isn't he the French guy? And he is a fantastic dancer. Mercy.

I can't even read those Momisms, I started hyperventilating.

Nice piccies of Fatty.

call me said...

LOL. Right when I clicked on your link, I thought, "if Michelle hasn't updated, I am going to personally handle the matter." And you did! Erica beat me to it, what is panty-waist?! I told Erica that she needed to start writing down things Grandma says, because they're hilarious!

Welcome back.

Michelle said...

Panty waist is a very old term for a feminine man, lol.

Ashley Rae said...

Panty waist? LOL! Your mother is just down-right comical.

Fatness is a magnificent creature.