Is there anything better than an egg hunt? Maybe an egg hunt where the eggs are filled with cash and coin. Caca hid the prize winning $5 egg and Alex found it (how else do you get a 13 year old to go Easter egg hunting?)

After Tim cut a monstrous ham, and we devoured Chris's butter loaded funeral potatoes, Caca's amazing artichoke dip and my underwhelming bean casserole...

We began our much anticipated game of "Catch Phrase" which is an awesome challenge of quick thinking and creativity, which is why the girls beat the boys 6 -0.

Here is a few examples of their follies: Zach received "Christina Aguilera" and gave an excellent clue of "GENIE IN A BOTTLE!!!" He was met with blank stares from Mike and Tim and then subsequent guesses of Barbara Eden. Notice look on Erica's face.

Tim received "Face The Nation" and promptly started yelling "GAME SHOW, IT'S A GAME SHOW!!!" (Face the Nation is/was a Sunday morning news show). I have no picture of Tim embarrassing himself so here is the Sween.

The game went downhill fast, we even let them chose the categories of sports, places, electronics, it really didn't matter. They were defeated badly.

Happy Easter everyone.

Enjoy my Peace Roses, they were photographed this morn.



allicat said...

Looks like fun was had by all. This year I'm far away from the grandbabies, so no easter egg hunt or party up here.... just a rainy spring day : )

I can't believe that Tim doesn't know what Face the Nation is.... a game show LOL........

Can i tell you how hungry your food descriptions made me? I'd nearly kill for some of Chris's funeral potatoes....... but alas, I am on the most restrictive part of my diet. Lunch today was a piece of cold chicken cut up with romain lettuce and half an apple. For dinner I get a delicious hamburger patty, some celery - and strawberries for dessert......

I long for good food..........

Instead, I'll admire your beautiful roses.

Chris said...

LOLOL!!! That game will go down in history. We kept letting the men choose the category and then commenced beating their asses. And I love your pics, I just posted some on my blog too...my kids look so happy being smothered by me in the one.

And your beans were FINE sillo.

And THANK YOU for coughing up like 20 bucks so my fuss-heads would be happy. We had a blast.

Kristin said...

"Alex found it (how else do you get a 13 year old to go Easter egg hunting?)"

Okay, I find this funny, because as I just posted on Chris's blog, Sam & J'Neil (17 and 15) still love to hunt for eggs and they will fill the eggs themselves and hide them for each other! Who says we have to stop doing all the fun stuff just cause we're not "kids" anymore?

Erica said...

LOL to Zach's crazy eyes in that picture of him and me!

Good food, good company, and Sween finishing off everyone's drinks - perfect Easter.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL! I love that game. We play it with our friend, occasionally. The boys only one once and it's because they cheated. They went outside and planned what their "phrases" were going to be- in order - so that when they got the little device, they wouldn't let the girl next to them see what it said. They thought they'd be all sly and stuff... it worked for 2 rounds and then we got suspicious.

I love the pic of Erica & Zach. Ha ha.

Pretty roses!! Fun Easter!

Ashley Rae said...

*friend should be plural. We do have more than one. We have two.*

call me said...

LOL to Zach's Genie in a Bottle...still laughing.

Those roses are amazing!