The Luck O The Irish, or Tim's Birthday

Happy Birthday Sweet Husband o' Mine!

I love you for many reasons of which I shall list.

You have character and muscles.

You are cool under stressful situations, like running a precinct of 325 cops.

You are a badass.
Tim 29 Palms
You love Fatness but won't admit it. But you do love Fatness.

You love and support my children in their endeavors, both financially and emotionally you are there for them.
Basic Training Grad. 2007_998-15-2006-42

Tim, you are the most talented man I know. I love listening to you play the piano, I love to hear you sing, I love our discussions, I love hearing your passion for police work, I love how you encourage your children to just be happy and do their best, I love your appreciation for the arts, but most of all I love your gentle spirit and kindness.

Happy Birthday Timothy Dan.


Erica said...

Happy birthday Tim!

Chris said...

I admire his love of Fatness most of all. :) Happy bday Timothy.

((is he even going to see this?lol?))

Michelle said...

I already alerted him that I was creating an entry in his honor.

He said nothing. lol.

I will make him look at it.

call me said...

Happy Birthday Tim!

Lol, isn't that the truth chris.

allicat said...

Happy birthday, Tim, oh fellow Piscean. Hope your day is fabulous. How can it be anything but fabulous with a wife like Michelle and a devoted feline like fatness!? :)

Ashley Rae said...

Happy birthday, Tim! What a fabulous dedication.

Kathleen said...

Michelle: What a wonderful tribute to your husband. He sounds like a terrific guy, and the pictures with your captions are great. BTW, you look terrific yourself.

PA-lurker said...

You are truly a lucky woman.

allicat said...

I'm having fatness withdrawals... when are you going to post again? : )