Day 4 of happyness.

These Swiffer commercials kill me and make me smile. This is my favorite, the old broom is trying to woo her back from her new fancy Swiffer. The broom left her a path of rose petals to a romantic hot tub. Watch to the very end, where you will see a very sad broom holding his towel. LOL. LOL.

Here is my 2nd favorite. Mr Mop has a bouquet of flowers delivered.

I spent the better part of my morning watching all of the Swiffer commercials plus a few very funny homemade ones, laughing my ass off.

I also cleaned my laundry room and litter box! My worst chore ever. I was very happy to have accomplished this. Behold.


Chris said...

Michelle that room always looks like that!!

Those ads are hilarious. My brooms and cleaning devices wouldn't miss me if I chose Swiffer. I don't know them in the first place. D;

allicat said...

LOL... those commercials are ridiculous and silly and I love them.

Chris, I'm in the same boat with you and the mop. I don't think I even own a mop.... I do know my vacuum, however....

Ashley Rae said...

LOL... yes- those commercials make me laugh as well.

I like my swiffer.