If you're happy and you know it clap your hands...

They are moved in!

Chris, Caca and I spent the morning putting down shelf paper, organizing kitchen cupboards and polishing cupboards with orange oil, which Chris maintained "I was obsessed with." I would have taken more pictures of the 2 of them bustling about, but I got yelled at for taking one picture.

There were no two better helpers yesterday than Sween and Pegs. I wasn't quite sure who was chasing who, but I did hear many squeals of laughter. Sween fashioned herself a cardboard home with quilt and pillow.

Timothy was a big helper too, he fixed a broken drawer and lifted a lot of heavy shit.

I am so happy for Erica and Zach. They have a beautiful home and many happy memories to come. I'm proud of them and love them very much.


Erica said...

lol cameras should never be around on moving day.

THANK YOU again for all your help! We are forever in debt.

Pegs misses The Sween, she's very bored without her.

Ashley Rae said...

Erica's face makes this blog post.

Cute house!

Chris said...

Pegs/Sween was very entertaining yet tiring to watch. Sween was telling us about how she locked Uncle Tim out last night. Poor Tim!

And thank heavens you had your camera there to take pics of us sweating and organizing. :/

So glad Caca is moved in(by us)!!!!!

allicat said...

What an exciting day. Can't wait to see what Erica does with the place : )

Michelle said...

lol, yes! The sween was very sneaky and locked out a very testy Timothy. When I went around the corner, Sween was hiding on the staircase and Tim was looking through the window with an annoyed look on his face....lol.

call me said...

SO fun! I seriously can't wait to see what Erica does with that house, it's going to be amazing!

Case said...

Yay! I am so excited for Erica and Zach to have their new house. I can't wait to come visit AZ again and see it.