Tim's Girlfriend

So the other morning I was minding my own business dragging around at 5:00 am preparing to climb into the shower. Tim was also awake which isn't usually the case because he awakens about 2 hours after me. I turn on the t.v. in our bedroom and casually ask over my shoulder "which news station do you want?" and he replies very quickly "channel 36." I turn to channel 36, which is CNN news and ask him "why do you want this station, it's not local?" and without hesitation he says "my girlfriend is on that station." Now he has my attention. I wipe my blurry eyes, rearrange my flannel house pants with snowflakes on them, pat down the pillow hair going in all directions and focus on his "girlfriend."

All of this wouldn't be so interesting except that Tim rarely says things like this, or seems interested in other women. Unlike me, who drools and rolls around on the carpet like a feral cat whenever I see Hugh Jackman on the screen.

So I ask him "who is she?" again, he answers very quickly "Robin Meade." I'm thinking to myself "wow he even knows her name, he can't even name his sister." So I turn my attention back to the t.v. and see this vision:

I state "she isn't even your type, you have always been a blonde man" he yells from the bathroom "she's clean looking." What this means in cop-verbiage is, she doesn't have tats and piercings and doesn't look like a felon or someone that uses intravenous drugs.

As I looked from her to my make-up smeared-over sized T shirt-puffy eyed- image in the dresser mirror it was clear why he enjoyed looking upon her fresh happy face every morning.

I wish Hugh Jackman was a morning news anchor.


Kristin said...

Something I would like to see:

Michelle drooling and rolling around on the carpet like a feral cat.

We have no TV in our bedroom. I don't want the competition.

Chris said...

L-O-L "rolling around like a feral cat"...I am done.

Tim and Mike have lots of news girlfriends. Mike will watch Beverly Kidd (channel 3?5?) at all hours of the day.

You gotta remember, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush (no pun intended) to our dear hubbies.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL! She's pretty cute. Justin has quite a few "girlfriends"... I approve of most of them. Catherine Zeta-Jones is one I definitely approve of.

My long-term boyfriend is Christian Bale. I'd love to wake up to his face every morning.

allicat said...

On our next girls trip, we definitely need to put in a video of Hugh just to see Michelle's reaction.

I have a similar reaction with Shemar Moore....

Get that tv out of your bedroom. It's bad feng shui :)

PA-lurker said...

You made me laugh out loud (aka LOL). And yes it was the feral cat comment.

Susan said...

Hello. I meandered my way here, via C Jane Run, to your daughter tartraz and now to you. And I saw from your last post that we are the same age, and live in the same Valley. I'm over in Glendale by the way.
And we're both fighting the aging process tooth and nail. Funny posts Lady, I can honestly relate.

Michelle said...

Welcome, Susan.