Typical conversation:

Me: You need to put "Flashbacks Of A Fool" on your Netflix list.

Caca: Why?

Me: You see several minutes of Daniel Craig's naked ass.

Caca: Done.


Chris said...

Done and DONE.

Ashley Rae said...

Something our grandmothers never would have said to you.... at least my grandmother would never have said that to my mother. But that just makes me all the more grateful for my mom :)

Ditto to the done and done.

Erica said...

lol that's exactly how it went.

allicat said...

Oh, can you even imagine our mothers even liking to see a naked male ass, let alone sharing those inner feelings with daughters???


Your beloved Daniel was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. He was shy and humble and very sweet. Embarrassed by Jon's praise. If you missed it, here are the applicable clips:

Jon's intro of Craig

The Interview

Michelle said...

Thank you friend, for always looking out for me.

No, I can't imagine either of our mothers saying anything about the male anatomy.

PA-lurker said...

Once you see it, please post it on your blog.