What I didn't do this weekend.

I didn't go Christmas shopping or clean my house.

I did go to a formal dinner at Luke Air Force Base. It was for all the troops mobilizing from Griffin's unit. He looked handsome in his Class A's. There was a lot of pomp and circumstance, tough girls with tattoos and insults being thrown around. Tim explained to me "welcome to the military."

Griffin leaves for West Point in January, he will be gone a year. Whaaa.



I didn't finish my novel this weekend but I did take plenty of pictures of Fatness.

In this shot Fatness was telling me how happy he was about Obama's cabinet choices


He can't wait to see what Michelle O will be wearing for the Inauguration.


We both agreed that the Obama's will be a breath of fresh air in Washington.



Kristin said...

Griffin does look quite handsome in his alphas.

Fatness is such an interesting cat. We enjoy hearing some of his random comments, but I think it would be great for all of us if he would agree to do a full "guest article" from time to time, regarding his thoughts on anything from politics to weather to the best place to take in some sun, on your blog. You could type it up for him and post it. I'm sure he has some great insight to share. "Fatness's Take On...." whatever.

allicat said...

West Point? Wow! You must be very proud.... and very sad to see him go. You look stunning in that photo with Tim, by the way.... he looks pretty hot too.

I agree with Kristin, Fatness needs an occasional full column....

Michelle said...


Griffin will be working at the hospital at West Point. (unless that changes, he hasn't received his orders yet).

Fatness agrees, he deserves a full article to share his viewpoints, for he has many.

call me said...

There's an entire website devoted to sketches that designers have sketched for Michelle Obama, and some of them are seriously amazing.

Griff looks so cute in his formal attire. When he leaves, you'll be strong like you always are.

Chris said...

Griffy looks very handsome! I don't want him to goooooooooo....

Fatness does need his own site, really. Plus he can update us on his regular SOMC appearances.

Ashley Rae said...

Aw, Griffin is so handsome :) He looks great in uniform.

And I agree with Kristin. We love Fatness and he needs to have his own entry occasionally.

Kathleen said...

What a handsome son! And soon to be a West Point man, congratulations! Michelle, your home is beautifully decorated. Where did you and Allison learn to create such beautiful rooms? I'm not a cat person (allergies) but Fatness is appealing and so smart. I agree with Kristin .... give that feline a forum.