Happy Birthday ZTY

Zachary Taylor is 25 today, and the best son-in-law a mom could ask for. Thank you for keeping my daughter in line, letting her have 3/4ths of the closet, putting up with her odd requests like "Zach, could you rinse out your toothbrush better?" Thanks for getting her Fatness, who was destined to be with me. Thanks for being such a sweet, easy going, funny, all around great guy.



Chris said...

Awww happy b-day Zachy. All your cousins are jealous of you because you are Camille's favorite without even trying. :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

this is sooo nice! Thank you so much! Christmas decorations look great by the way.


Erica said...

So sweet, he has been spoiled with the blog attention this year.