Almost There

I had a difficult time this year. I could not get in the mood to decorate for Christmas, so I pulled out the big guns. I put on a hardcore Christmas CD: Leonard Bernstein with the Tabernacle Choir and New York Philharmonic. I started off easy with "Deck The Halls" worked up to "Joy To The World" and then I chose the big one, Handel: Chorus from Messiah, bring.it.on. If this failed me I knew there was no turning back. I let a few choruses of "Forrr Unnntooo Us A Child isss Bo---rn" fill my senses and then I announced to Griffin and Tim...."I was back in the game. I was ready to decorate, bring me the boxes."

I began with my tree.

Followed with fireplace, centerpiece and sofa table.

My village of silly stuffed animals.

This one is my favorite, Caca's too, she tried to kidnap him last year.

Hung my wreath.

I love snow globes.



North Pole

I only have the banister left and shopping for 15 people, I will need more than the Mormon Tab for strength, I will require crystal meth.


Erica said...

That snowman WILL be MINE.

EEK said...

It all looks beautiful. Now, I am soooo depressed! I'll be lucky to even get things out of the attic much less get anything put up.

Shopping? LOL, everybody gets either a Sonic or a Target gift card.

allicat said...

Stunning as usual. I own a lot of Christmas music, but not a single MoTab album in the bunch...... I think if I had to choose a single favorite cd (which, thankfully, I don't) it would an Airus Christmas - Kurt Bestor's first holiday cd.

That fat snowman is adorable. Reminds me a bit of the dancing snowmen in the disney parade. I also like you row of fat santas by the little tree....

Chris said...

Nice choice for inspirational music--man, that really is the big guns!! Your house looks fantastic, as usual. Meanwhile, my freakin tree is still not lit because of the satanic lights. Mike proudly handed me a box of "white lights" that he dug out of Dad's collection at the condo, I was excited to open it and finally finish the tree without yet another trip to Target for more lights and lo and behold, all the lights had huge, ropy white cords. F.A.I.L.
He didn't understand why this just would not do.
Obviously from the size of this comment, I need to do my own blog on the subject....

Kristin said...

I love your decorations. Your tree is so beautiful; I particularly like your big bows. And I want your snowman!

We try to buy at least one new Christmas CD each year, but I always seem to come back to the same ones. The Airus Christmas that Allison mentioned, and Narada.

Ashley Rae said...

ooooh your Christmas tree is breathtaking! All of your decorations are absolutely beautiful. And it's ok if you move them 100 more times. Maybe the decorations (the snowman) enjoy being relocated.