I Miss You

Disneyland at Christmas is worth every penny. 023

Sleeping Beauty Castle was adorned with snow in day and icicles at night.

We went through the Haunted House twice, the entire thing was redone in "Night Before Christmas!" It was amazing, I wanted to move in. 033 038031034035

The characters were in full array, I wanted to dance with Pinocchio. 020022006

California Adventure, isn't my cup of tea. There are a lot of scary rides.

The roller coaster was Tim's favorite, he went single.
The only ride I like there, is Heimlich from a Bugs Life. This ride lasted approx. 18 seconds and included a gigantic squirting watermelon. 010

We spent a lot of time in the kiddie ride section, where I instructed Tim to give me his best Mr. Toad impression.

We watched the Christmas Parade 3 times because I had to see these ridiculous snowmen, I couldn't get enough. Watch for them at the 1 minute mark, after the moving Christmas Tree, they are L O V E R S.

Good bye Disneyland, thank you for a lot of silliness, the best carmel apple I have ever eaten and a moonlit dinner inside Pirates Of The Caribbean, I will see you again soon.


Ashley Rae said...

Ok. My eyes swelled up with tears as I was watching your video. I LOVE those fat snowmen!! They are absolutely adorable. *sigh* I want to go. Someday...

I'm glad you had so much fun!

Chris said...

The castle looks AMAZING. You are so sillo not to ride the 'scary rides', otherwise that whole side of the park is moot!

Thanks for bringing my kids presents, that was more than nice of you. Sween is napping with her Winnie-the-Pooh.

Looks like you two kids had a blast.

allicat said...

I love those snowmen.... and I love hearing you giggle with glee at them. The only thing I can imagine you being more giddy over would be fat kitty snowmen!

I'm odd man out here, and have never been a Disneyland fanatic (it's fun, but probably not 'my' happiest place on earth).... but these pics make me want to visit at christmastime!!!

Erica said...

LOL those snowmen!!!! I will make the trip next year JUST to see that ridiculousness.

I love that you posted a video over three minutes long of a Disneyland parade and that I watched and enjoyed the entire thing.

Our stockings are hanging on the mantle and look so cute!

Michelle said...

Fat Kitty Snowmen! Perfect.

There is something about those Disney parades that makes me emotional too.

I had a lot of fun picking out presents, it gave me an excuse to look at all the kid stuff.

Caca you should have been there!