Par-Tay Time

Everyone produced a costume. Some had to be bribed and some threatened, but in the end the costume was worn. I give you the Vampires.

Mr. Obama and Sarah Palin

A purple fairy princess, whose wings sometimes came off their velcro.

Heat Miser and Gabriella from High School Musical, ya I knew that.

A tennis ball and a 70's tennis pro.

A witch and a bad ass.

Chris produced the cauldron of dry ice and Zach and Griffin became 9 years old. Had to stick their faces in it and swirl it around.

The Pinata had an early demise. Sween at least had a go at it.

Caca and Zach decided to play baseball with said Pinata. Caca had a swing:

...and a miss.

The winning pumpkin? The team of Erica, Abby and friend. The 2 little girls inquired "Erica, when do we get to help?" Her reply in a mumble "ummmm ummmmm in a minute." She finally threw them a bone by letting them carry it to the table.

Morgan's cookies were delish. Sween should know, she ate a dozen or so.

It was a very spooky night.

I instructed these ghouls to imitate the pumpkins.




Chris said...

Ahhhh perfect post of the great event!! Griff is so scaryyyy in that last shot.

The party was so fun!! We all had a blast--Michelle and co. went ALL OUT for all of us ghosts and ghouls. I hope it becomes an annual event, and next time I will win the pumpkin carving contest, Caca. :))

allicat said...

I absolutely LOVE the ghost pinata. And all the costumes are fabulous. A tennis ball??? LOL...

And Chris, I wish you were on the ticket rather than Palin. Actually, I don't wish that on you, but I do wish she'd go away.

Michelle, it's clear that I'm going to have to make a trip down there one year for one of your parties....

Erica said...

Yay! Mom it was the par-tay of the year, we had so much fun. In fact I think we had more fun with the kid-activities than the kids did.

call me said...

Hooray! I have been patiently waiting for pictures. I love the pin the tail on the pumpkin, lol. Michelle you looked amazing as a witch. Martha would be so proud.

Ashley Rae said...

That looks like a successful party! Way to go, party planner. All of the costumes are fabulous and creative. And mmmm those cookies looked great.