Party Planning

I have been driving Chris and Erica nuts with talk of "the party." I think I like PLANNING the party the most, which requires talking non-stop about it to Tim, who is O- BLI- VIOUS to my excitement. (I do finally have him talked into a costume, no easy feat my friends).

me: I think for the party I will hang the pinata on the Ficus Tree.

Tim: What party?

me: The Halloween Party!

me: I think we need a scary music CD.

Tim: For what?

me: The Halloween Party!

There is nothing better than a Halloween party complete with costumes and a witches cauldron bubbling with root beer, which Chris will be supplying.

Caca insisted that I hand out the Martha Stewart "Witches Broom" gift bags and I concurred. Only my Martha could supply me with a kit so perfectly crafted.

I created these. I love the black glittery witches.

A very sweet pin-the-face-on-the Jack O' Lantern, hand-made by my beautiful Erica:

Griffin has died his hair black for his vampire costume and Morgan has paid a hefty price for her vampiress costume and she will be supplying the homemade sugar cookies! Caca won't disclose her costume except to say "it's brilliant." My nephew Alex will be the Heat Miser:

Abby will be Gabriella from High School musical and Sween's costume is a surprise.

I can't wait!


Ashley Rae said...

Your Halloween party sounds like a blast! Wish we lived in AZ so we could be there. I doubt either of the parties we are going to will have Martha Stewart broom-bags or witch bags OR pin-the-face-on-the Jack O' Lantern. Your family is so crafty :) Our parties will probably have either beer and football or milk and general conference. Whoopee!!

Anonymous said...

TIMOTHY. He needs to stop that ridiculousness right now, he's excited and he knows it. Alex is 'warming' to the idea more and more of the Heat Miser (ar ar). Your gift bags are divine!!!!


Anonymous said...

Lol to Tim.

Your party will be perfection and nothing short of that. I wish I could be there!


allicat said...

Hey - where is my response! I left one yesterday!

What I said is that I am sad that I am not around to attend any of your fabulous parties. I think you should move your whole clan up here :)

Tim is such a boy.

Michelle said...

Yes, I also wish my Alli, Ashley and Malia could be here!

You 3 would probably trump all the other costumes.