Food Fight

Erica and I occasionally do this thing where we email each other our awful meals for the day. She sent me this list 2 days ago.

What I've eaten today so far:

8:00 am Uncrustable and Diet Coke
10:00 am Cheetos
10:05 am Mini bag of Reeses Pieces
10:15 am Water to attempt to settle stomach
11:07 am Mini snickers

This is what I sent her:

Breakfast: 2 donut holes/coffee
Lunch: 1 small bag Cheddar Sun Chips/Diet Red Bull

When I’m home, I eat like a normal human. Hot oatmeal for breakfast, a nice sandwich for lunch and some sort of nutritious dinner, normal. Something happens to me when I enter my office cubicle, some sort of molecular mutation takes place and my cells start to crave, greasy junk/sugar/vending machine and caffeine. Then I start this weird calorie count vs. shi*eous food, rationale trade off. This is what goes on in my head:

“OK, 2 donut holes equal about 150 calories, so I will omit the healthy breakfast bar I brought and add 2 more donut holes and a large coffee...ahh breakfast. 1 bag of Sun Chips is 210 calories but high in fat, I will just eat those and a zero calorie Diet Bull and call it lunch. That leaves room for 5 Fireballs, 3 licorice strands and a sugar free turtle.”

I wake up every morning and consider packing a healthy lunch, that's as far as I get.


allicat said...

That is so sad. And funny. And I completely understand.

Chris said...

LOL to the whole thing and the zero calorie Red Bull.

craigthegrey said...

Two doughnut holes!?!?!??!!!… Inconceivable… If I started eating doughnut holes I wouldn’t stop until there were no more doughnut holes in the building….

call me said...

Lol lol. So true. I'm eating cookies and brownies at 9:00, but I figure that's better than not eating breakfast...right.

PS I like craigthegrey

Ashley Rae said...

HAHA! That is totally what I do. Pretty much every day. I love doughnut holes.

Erica said...

You threw me under the bus for the entire internets to see.

Yesterday's lunch:
Target popcorn
Hot tamales
Diet Coke