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I'm finding this election moment fascinating, horrifying, thrilling, maddening and scary. After watching the Palin/Couric interviews I have realized that this woman makes Bush look like a scholar and she is sorely unqualified for the job. The right wing media is even beginning to wonder what McCain was thinking. One conservative columnist went so far as to say she should "bow out." I couldn't help but cringe inside as I watched her filibuster and verbally stagger her way through basic questioning.

There is no doubt that McCain in his "maverickky" way shot from his arthritic hip in an effort to bolster his poll numbers and try and win the Hillary votes by chosing Palin. His decision had nothing to do with putting country first, instead campaign first. The more I see him trying to pull his rabbit out of a hat the more angry I get. The latest razzle dazzle move of suspending his campaign and running to Washington to help with the bailout plan was laughable. Senator Dodd was not amused.

"What this looked like to me was a rescue plan for John McCain for two hours," said an angry Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who had all but declared the deal done earlier in the day. "To be distracted for two to three hours for political theater doesn't help."

What I want to hear tonight are some concrete answers from the candidates, I want to hear how they plan to get America back on track, with the economy, Iraq, foreign policies and how they plan to secure our retirements. Whoever wins this election has a massive duty ahead of them and it will take a lot more than Hail Mary's and grandiose posturing. No magic tricks please.

Click here for a CRINGE worthy moment. Palin on foreign policy.


allicat said...

I'm looking forward to the debate with excitement and dread. McCain is a better debater than Obama, and has proven over the past several months that he has no problem with repeating a lie over and over and over again, even when it has been proven to be a lie.

However, in this whole debacle, McCain has looked like an impulsive, blustering fool and Obama has looked presidential. Did you see his press conference?

McCain just issued a brief statement and exited without taking any questions. Obama actually took questions from the press.

Obama Press Conference

And what, exactly does "suspending a campaign" mean???

McCain and his surrogates still appeared on talk/news shows. His campaign offices were still open. He still ran ads. And he spent several hours last night preparing for the debate. Is it just me, or does anyone not believe a word that comes out of this man's mouth anymore???

Michelle said...

McCain did nothing even close to suspending his campaign, it was nothing but political posturing.

After watching the debate, I was impressed by Obama's presidential look and attitude. He didn't play into McCain's games. I thought it was interesting that McCain failed to look Obama in the eye when speaking to him, even when Obama turned to face him. I wasn't surprised when McCain dragged out the POW thing. It was an obvious win for Obama who came across as the more thought provoking candidate. By far the more democratic one.

The VP debate Thursday night will be nothing short of a disaster for Palin. If she weren't so cocky and obnoxious I might feel sorry for her.

EEK said...

Way too much angst. Politics makes me crazierer...

I watched Season 4 of The Office instead.

I'm going to write-in Michael Scott for President with Jan's fake boobs as his running mate (or should that be mates?)

seriously said...

Read this and this.

You need to concentrate what's important, not if they look presendential during a debate. Obama has no experience. He's done nothing while Senator except campaign. His ties to ACORN is scary. I'm not a Bush supporter, nor a Republican, but I am scared of Obama.

Anonymous said...

I see this post as irritating. Funny - go to a Republicans blog - do you hear name calling? I don't. All Democrats can do is bad mouth the Republicans instead of back up the facts. We live in a scary world and it scares me that you've been sucked in - especially as a Mormon woman. I thought your Religion meant values - I was wrong.

happy election 08

allicat said...

LOL... don't you love "anonymous" posts?

I mean if you're going to chastise a blogger, who you apparently know - if you know she was raised Mormon - at least have the decency to leave your name. Have the courage to say who you are.... though I'm betting I know who you are....

And speaking of not backing things up with facts - how about the complete untruth that Obama has done "nothing but campaign" as Sentaor. Oh, please...

In the 110th Session (current one):

Obama has introduced 11 resolutions in this session
Of the 11 resolutions, four were passed/agreed to by the Senate. The sole joint resolution stayed in committee.
Obama has introduced 59 bills in this session
Of the 59 bills, two -- S.453 and S.2433 -- were placed on the Senate floor calendar. None have been voted on.
Obama has introduced 59 amendments in this session
Of the 59 amendments, 22 were passed by the Senate, either by voice vote or unanimous consent.

And actually, on republican blogs I read all sorts of name calling. So get over it.

Michelle said...

Dear Anonymous,
If my opinions bother you so much, please quit reading my blog because I will never stop explaining my feelings. You have every right to disagree, but don't lose sleep over how I feel about politics.

By the way, I no longer am involved with the LDS religion, and whether or not a person votes republican or democrat should have nothing to do with "religious values"?

What is great about America is that I can have an opinion, and I happen to like Obama.

Kristin said...

I'm afraid have far too much to say on topic and would overwhelm the post if I got started, so I'll add something on the offshoot instead: The delight that these oh-so-knowledgable and virtuous "anonymous" people bring to our lives.

No one really cares what an anonymous idiot has to say. If a person really believes they have a valid reason for their position (whatever it is) then they can be honest about who they are, and maturely discuss their view.

If instead you must hide behind the warm, secure anonymous blanket, perhaps you're not really as secure and confident in your position as you pretend.

Now, anonymous... What was your point again? I've already forgotten...


Christine Kay Spiro said...

Yes, Kristin, their point is that religion is tied up in every aspect of their lives, making it hard from them to actually use their brains clearly. Our forefathers practically died for the right for us fellow Americans to be able to seperate church and state. We don't live in 1720 Massachusetts anymore. We live in the shitstorm that Bush has created the last 8 years that McCain will perpetuate and Palin will do...well...nothing...about.

I want something different than the direction our country is now headed.... I don't care what party/race/gender/religion/sexual orientation the candidate is. McCain offers me nothing different.

And honestly, McCain supporters have got to look at Palin after McCain dies of old age or suffers a stroke because of his horrible temper--do you SERIOUSLY want that person running our country?