Commander McLovin

Timothy was on the news again last night. This time the story is about how Tim brought together the pastors of Maryvale to work as a unit to help fight crime. He would be the first precinct commander to think of doing this and then actually implementing it (that is the hard part). He is attacking crime at every angle he can think of and I am proud of him.

Here is the link, then click on the right hand corner for the story.

Thought: maybe Tim should give pastors their own 9mm glocks?


allicat said...

This is very cool - no wonder you're proud. Is he going to win some kind of award from the city this year? : )

Michelle said...

I don't know about an award, but the chief of police is presenting Tim's efforts in Maryvale to the Mayor this week.

PA-lurker said...

I posted my comment at the site.

Michelle said...

Gracias Mike...I will make sure Tim reads it.

He would make a fine governor.