Tim on TV

Last night Timothy was featured as the lead story on our local ABC news. He was very good on camera and used big words.

The reporter, did a segment on his crime suppression programs in Maryvale, which before Tim arrived had the worst crime in the state of Arizona. But since he and his officers are kicking ass and taking names, the crime is going down.


The reporter was very cute.

Camera guy.

If you want to see Tim on TV click on this link and go to the top right hand corner and click on the arrow.


call me said...

Yay Tim! What an interesting piece and what a difference Tim is making.

Ashley Rae said...

That was a good article. I'll bet you're such a proud wife. He shined on camera. Hooray for safer neighborhoods!

allicat said...

Way to go Tim. He's got to be very proud of these results. And he seemed really at ease in front of the camera - and looked pretty hot too : )